Bet You Didn’t Know Windows Media Center Embedded Had a Showing at CES 2011

Attached is a demo of Prime Time's Windows Media Center Embedded IPTV set-top box recorded by TDL. You'll see that Prime Sense has refined the UI to better match its sensibilities and bundled it with a nice TV web browser and gyro + QWERTY keyboard remote. However, the part that you should focus on is [...]

Microsoft Predicted to Announce ARM Support for Windows at CES 2011; The Trouble Is They Already Do

There's a lot a buzz this morning that Microsoft is going embrace ARM processors so it can compete more effectively on the tablet front. Wall Street Journal's sources tell them that it is "part of a broader push at Microsoft to make Windows more 'modular' so that pieces of the operating system that are unnecessary [...]

Microsoft Working on Expanding TV Content Options for the Xbox 360

Reuters is reporting that sources close to Microsoft have confirmed that the company has been courting TV networks to license their programming for a new online pay-television subscription offering. The TV content would be delivered through the Xbox 360 game console and potentially be available to Windows Media Center powered devices like the new Windows [...]

Should Microsoft Rename Windows Media Center: Windows TV?

Hmmm, our friends Ian Dixon at TDL and tech columnist Rob Enderle both think Microsoft should consider renaming Windows Media Center Windows TV. Interestingly, both gentlemen came to the same conclusion for different reasons. Rob believes Windows 7 Embedded with Windows Media Center should have been the product that Microsoft should have introduced originally instead of integrating [...]

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Gets an Early Unveiling

So today we learn that the teaser pic we all saw earlier this month is in fact Microsoft's new Arc Touch mouse. But I have to admit... the pic was deceiving now that we can see the mouse in its full glory. Expected to retail for about $70 in the coming months, the Arc Touch [...]

Microsoft’s Adaptive Keyboard Concept Helps Declutter Displays, Enhance Applications, and More

Microsoft has a rather unique concept making the rounds called the "adaptive keyboard" or "adaptive input device," which features a touchscreen area similar to B&N's nook that can be used for things like navigating open windows or applications, thumbnails, and provide a secondary screen for application toolboxes. In addition, the physical key configuration themselves can [...]

Microsoft Teases the Twitterverse with What Looks Like a TouchPad Peripheral for Desktops

Kudos to Microsoft's marketing team. They've just made good use of social media for building buzz around an upcoming product. Microsoft's Twitter account, @msfthardware, has posted a couple of obscure tweets [1, 2] and a few twitpics of a new device that could very well be the final version of the touchpad peripheral the company has [...]

Tablet Makers ‘Unenthusiastic’ by Intel Atom + Windows 7 Combo

Digitimes is reporting that PC makers are shifting away from Intel Atom and Windows 7 for future tablet devices. (I guess they read the memo.) And that their priority now is to create ARM-based tablets running Android with processors from Freescale, NVIDIA, and Qualcomm. Obviously, not good news for Intel (or Microsoft) who hopes manufactures [...]