Windows Home Server 2011 Update

Microsoft has released the Windows Home Server 2011 Rollup 2 Update.  It is a maintenance update to fix a variety of issues the server program has, such as bugs that have been reported to Microsoft by users. The fixes include the ability to disable the Media Streaming Metadata Synchronizer, so that scheduled tasks that can interfere [...]

Launch Event for Windows 8 Set

The beta version of Windows 8 will be previewed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 29th.  Microsoft did not provide any further details of its plans. It did mention that there would also be an event in the US, but the details of this event will be released later. The event will be [...]

WHS 2011 gets Add-In ISO Mounter from electrongoo

A new software add-in for Microsoft Home and Business server has been launched by Nevada-based software techno electrongoo. The add-in lets you mount ISO files that are stored on your server, so you can view them directly through the server's folder share. The images can be viewed on all your laptops and PCs. The ISO Mounter [...]

Microsoft Is Taking IPTV Serious on the Xbox As Evidence by Its New Media Remote

Besides the new, slim Bluetooth headset you may have seen on some of the gadget and gaming sites this week, Microsoft also unveiled a new Xbox 360 Media Remote. It, of course, has buttons the mimic the A, B, X, Y buttons and D-pad navigation of the controller, but it also provides TV remote functionality [...]

Windows 8 Gets a Radical Facelift and Touch Functionality

Curious what the next version of Windows will look like? Well, now you can see a few screenshots captured at the D9 Conference. Microsoft Windows president, Steven Sinofsky, explains that Windows 8 will bring a unified interface across devices and form factors and leverage Web technologies (i.e. HTML5, Javascript) for interactive apps and widgets. The [...]

AirPlay Add-in for Windows Media Center Released

Talk about a match made in heaven? A developer by the name of Thomas Pleasance has just released a new add-in that brings AirPlay support to Windows Media Center. According to Ian at The Digital Lifestyle, the add-in works seamlessly. Just install Apple's Bonjour service beforehand and you're good to go. From that point, any [...]

Sony Embraces Microsoft’s PlayReady DRM Solution

Sony has just announced that they're going with PlayReady to protect their content and provide users with new ways to enjoy their purchased and rented media. A quick look at Microsoft's PlayReady page shows that Sony can allow users to download movies and begin watching them instantly, stream media to devices around the home, and [...]

Microsoft’s ‘It’s Very PC,’ ‘It’s Not Very PC’ Ad Campaign to Promote Slates Is Clever

I just got a kick out of watching Microsoft's "It's Very PC," "It's Not Very PC" ad campaign, in partnership with ASUS and its upcoming Eee Slate. The ads are clever and highlight how a Windows-powered tablet can work well professionally and for play. In fact, Microsoft is kind of showing that one can use [...]