NETGEAR EVA2000 Digital Entertainer Live

If you remember back in January of this year, NETGEAR unveiled the ITV2000 Internet TV Player at CES — a compact digital media adapter powered by the buzz-worthy VuNow platform created by Verismo Networks. Well, that product is officially launching and will be on store shelves in the next few months under its new name: [...]

PlayOn Adds Beta Support for Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii owners will be happy to learn that they can now watch Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and other premium online content through their game console with the help of Mediamall's PlayOn Windows PC software and a LAN connection. If this sounds like something you'd like to do, take it for a free spin for 14 [...]

MOXI Brings Web Content to Its HD DVR with PlayOn by MediaMall

One of the features that's been lacking in the MOXI HD DVR has been the ability to access online video content. Well, it looks like MOXI has solved that problem by partnering up with MediaMall. As of today, all MOXI HD DVR owners can now download and receive a free software key (promotion ends May [...]

MediaMall PlayOn Now Also Compatible with Popcorn Hour’s Networked Media Tank

[youtube=] If you liked the previous story on ‘Yet Another Movie Jukebox’ Plugin for Popcorn Hour’s Networked Media Tank, you're going to enjoy this one as well. It turns out you can now use MediaMall's PlayOn application with your Popcorn Hour NMT and view Netflix, Hulu, CBS, YouTube, CNN, ESPN, and other content directly from the [...]

Get PlayOn Server Content in Windows Media Center with vmcPlayIt

If you're running MediaMall's PlayOn server application ($39.99 - 14 day free trial available) on your Windows Vista PC, you're gonna be ecstatic to learn that a freeware add-in called vmcPlayIt has been released that will display available Netflix, Amazon VOD, Hulu, YouTube, CBS, CNN, ESPN content directly through the Windows Vista Media Center and [...]

Get Netflix, Hulu, YouTube Video Content on Your PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or HP MediaSmart TV with PlayOn by MediaMall

Over the weekend I got tipped off by reader, Nate, that MediaMall has a fairly new software app called PlayOn (powered by ActiveTV) that provides PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and HP MediaSmart TV owners (Nintendo Wii support coming soon) the ability to stream content from some of their favorite Internet video sites like Hulu, CBS, [...]