Logitech Intros the H760 Behind-the-head Wireless USB Headset

I'm a big fan of behind-the-head headsets, which I use for VoIP calls and listening to music. So I'm pleased today to learn that Logitech has a new gadget for me and others who want to use such a product away from their desk to listen to music, have VoIP conversations, play games, etc. In [...]

Logitech Intros the Highly Impressive Alert HomePlug AV HD Video Security System

The competition in surveillance webcams has got nothing on Logitech's new Alert video security system for home or business. First off, installation and networking is done by plugging in Alert's HomePlug AV adapter into a power outlet which will connect the camera(s) via Ethernet and transfer video feed data to your router/PC — in real-time [...]

Logitech’s Google TV Companion Box Will Now Be Known As: Logitech Revue

Logitech has posted a blog entry announcing the official name for their Google TV companion box. From henceforth it shall be known as the Logitech Revue with Google TV. The funny thing is... Logitech considered naming it the Harmony Box, Squeezebox TV, and even the Logitech TV Hub. Logitech chose Revue because it fit the [...]

Logitech Unveils a New Family of 720/1080p HD Webcams

It's about time! I was recently looking for an HD webcam at Best Buy and only came across two dated models — one from Microsoft the other from Logitech. Thankfully, we all have some new options today. Logitech is introducing a new flagship HD webcam called the HD Pro Webcam C910. The C910 provides 720p [...]

Logitech Touch Mouse (PC/Mac Remote) iPhone App Released

Good news for Apple iPhone and iPod touch users. Logitech has added a new app to the iTunes App Store called Touch Mouse. The FREE app turns your handheld into a wireless remote for your Windows or Mac computer (requires installation of the Touch Mouse Server software). Touch Mouse's feature highlights include: multi-touch trackpad, keyboard [...]

Logitech Adds Squeezebox Radio, Squeezebox Touch to Its Wi-Fi Music Player Lineup

Logitech today is introducting two new products that may find their way into your home. The Squeezebox Radio is a $200 table-top radio which features a color screen (capable of displaying album cover art, song data, Flickr photos), is able to send music recommendation updates to Facebook, is equipped with a built-in speaker/sub-woofer, and can [...]

Squeezebox Gets Napster Music Support

Logitech is announcing that they've added a Napster add-on to their growing list of Squeezebox add-ons that allows Squeezebox Network Music Player owners to tap into their Napster account (unlimited, on-demand service $12.95/mo). With the Napster add-on, people can play their custom created music playlists, search/play songs from their favorite artists, listen to Napster radio [...]

Logitech Introduces the Harmony 510 Universal Remote

The average consumer makes their first entry into the integrated world through the remote control. It is no wonder then that the remote manufacturers are producing low cost universal remotes that will entice said average consumer. What is surprising is that Logitech has not made a big deal about their newest remote, the Harmony 510 [...]