On Second Thought… Logitech’s Revue Price Reduction May Be a Brilliant Move

I may have been a little harsh when I learned that Logitech decided to reduce the price of their Revue with Google TV device to $99 -- noting that it's been a bad seller and has cost the company financially the past couple quarters. Like everyone else I'm a little disappointed by the progress Google has made with [...]

Logitech Mini Controller for Google TV Released

If you're on the fence about buying a Logitech Revue because you think having a full-size keyboard on your lap to control the Google TV experience is a bit much, have a look at Logitech's latest companion accessory now available for purchase. The Logitech Mini Controller is a palm-sized keyboard / dual-mode touch pad Harmony [...]

Logitech Goes ‘Green’ with Its New Solar Powered K750 Wireless Keyboard

Reminiscent of the wow factor we all got as kids with solar powered calculators and wrist watches, the new Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 hopes to bring a some of that initial excitement back and help save the planet in the process. The K750 is a RF 2.4 GHz wireless keyboard, 1/3 of an inch [...]

Could Logitech Be Working on the Ultimate Smart TV Sneak Attack?

I was just thinking about the last couples days' news regarding Google TV. We know the Logitech Revue works exclusively, at least for a short period of time, with DISH Network's TV / DVR service. And we also learned that Sony's Google TV-powered HDTVs will have "direct integration with select [TV] service providers" (keywords being [...]

Logitech Demos the Logitech TV Cam for Google TV

If the Logitech Revue with Google TV isn't impressive enough, have a look this demo of the $149.99 Logitech TV Cam produced by Logitech (Engadget has one, too). It showcases some of the trick features of this HD capable, TV optimized webcam. For example, the webcam defaults to a wide angle view, but can easily [...]

Logitech Launches Its Google TV-powered Logitech Revue

The day has arrived! Logitech has just posted the official product page for the Logitech Revue (and a nice Smart TV overview page as well). The device is available for pre-order right now at Best Buy and Amazon.com — price tag: $299.99. We're learning, thanks to Engadget's live-blogging from Logitech's launch event, that a proper Google [...]

Logitech Revue Beta Tester Shows Off Google TV UI, Highlights ‘Movies’ Function and Keyboard

You've got see this video attached below. It basically shows why Google TV's data rich backend, which syncs with your TV provider's service, trumps anything the competition hopes to deliver. In fact, seeing the What's On TV > Movies category operating in real-time reminds me a bit of online trading tools that show you streaming [...]

Logitech Teases Google TV Product with Its ‘Lonely TV’ Ad Campaign

Logitech, in my opinion, has a great little ad campaign going that teases viewers on what the company will be launching this Fall. The tagline: "TV misses you. Television is reinvented Fall 2010." The ads feature family members too busy on the Internet to be bothered watching TV. In fact, one of the ads, Lonely TV: [...]