Why TV Networks Blocking Google TV Online Doesn’t Matter

I was giving the whole "TV networks block Google TV" situation some thought and came to conclusion: it really doesn't matter. Would it be nice if one could visit a site like CBS.com and view available TV content for browser-based streaming? Sure. But is it a deal breaker when Google TV is designed to work [...]

Logitech Reports ‘All’s Well with Logitech Revue’; Squashes Rumor That It’s Halt Production

Happy to see that Logitech is addressing the rumor that it has halt production of its Google TV powered Logitech Revue set-top. It didn't make sense to me that a device that gets updates pushed to it when they become available would have its production halted by the manufacture in order to give the developers [...]

Amazon’s Digital Media Device Hot List for 2010

Love 'em or hate 'em digital media adapters and networked set-tops are what bring users content from the web and/or from their networked PCs to a TV. Below is Amazon's bestsellers list for today (minus the peripherals and devices without network connectivity), which is a good gage for what people are buying out of all [...]

Google Tells Google TV Hardware Partners to Hold Off Ahead of CES 2011

NYTimes.com is reporting that Google has notified Google TV hardware partners to hold off on showing any new Google TV-powered HDTVs and set-top boxes at CES 2011. It was expected that Toshiba (possibly LG and Sharp, too) was going to unveil a new HDTV and Blu-ray player based on Google TV, but no longer. The [...]

Google Rolls Out Google TV’s First Software Update, Intros New Remote Control App for Android

Google has just pushed out a Google TV software update to its flagship products, the Logitech Revue and Sony Internet TV. It brings two major improvements. First, the Google TV guys worked with Netflix to provide users the ability to search and stream any movie or TV show that's available in Netflix's Watch Instantly catalog. [...]

Logitech Mini Controller for Google TV Released

If you're on the fence about buying a Logitech Revue because you think having a full-size keyboard on your lap to control the Google TV experience is a bit much, have a look at Logitech's latest companion accessory now available for purchase. The Logitech Mini Controller is a palm-sized keyboard / dual-mode touch pad Harmony [...]

GameString Adrenalin Brings PC Gaming to Your Google TV

Imagine if you were able to remotely access your (or your friends') PC games remotely from another PC or Google TV? Well, that vision has just become a reality. A company named AfterCAD Software will soon be launching a new Gaming-as-a-Service (GaaS) offering in January 2011 called GameString Adrenalin. The service, essentially, consists of two [...]

Logitech Tugs at Your Heartstrings to Showcase Its Logitech TV Cam for Google TV

I was just browsing the Logitech blog and noticed they've posted a new video / commercial showing off their $149.99 Logitech TV Cam connected to a Logitech Revue for HDTV video calling. Overall, the video is produced fairly well. However, I couldn't help noticing they're really working the remote family connection benefit — and that music.... [...]