LG Broadband HDTVs First to Get VUDU On-Demand Movie Service

Well, well, well.... Those who counted VUDU out may be surprised by today's announcement. VUDU has teamed up with LG to bring their 1080p HD and HDX, Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound movies to LG's "NetCast Entertainment Access" enabled LH50 and PS80 HDTVs starting this August. VUDU states that LG HDTV owners will be able [...]

LG Demonstrates a 3D Version of Their LH50 LCD HDTV

We reported earlier this week that LG's LH50 (LCD) and PS80 (Plasma) HDTV models were now capable of streaming Netflix movies without the need of a PC or set-top box. Today LG in Korea previewed their new 3D HDTV experience on the LH50. Unfortunately, it's unclear by the Babel Fish translation of the Korean press [...]

LG Delivers the First Broadband HDTVs to Natively Stream Netflix Movies

There's been lots of talk of Netflix streaming being delivered through game consoles, dedicated set-top boxes, and networked Blu-ray movie players of late, but now we finally have the first HDTVs available to consumers today from LG that are capable of doing this as well. According to the LG's press release, the 42/47-inch LCD LH50 [...]