LaCie CloudBox Wants to Be Your Local Storage / Cloud Backup Server

LaCie is out with a new product that they hope will get backup procrastinators on track. The LaCie CloudBox is designed to protect up to 10 local Mac and Windows PCs and then have the contents of those password protected and 128-bit AES encrypted backups mirrored to the cloud in case something disastrous happens at [...]

Is Thunderbolt (Formerly Light Peak) Overkill for Today’s SATA Drives?

I'm reading Intel's press release for their new Thunderbolt I/O data connection technology that boasts a bi-directional data transfer speed of 10Gb/s through a PCI Express interconnect — which is awesome. However, today's hard drives can't take advantage of those speeds because SATA drives — even the latest SATA 3.0 drives [PDF] — aren't that [...]

LaCie Float HDD / Trackpad Concept Has Major Appeal

Ha! Industrial Designer André Duarte Silva wants to kill two birds with one stone — and be green at the same time. He is introducing a new concept peripheral that mobile warriors will appreciate (and hopefully the product team at LaCie will consider). The device, which he calls the LaCie Float, is a lightweight external USB [...]

LaCie Intros ‘Wireless Space’ Wi-Fi Router / Access Point / NAS Media Server All-in-one

Missed this little gem last week.... LaCie has introduced a new networked attached storage (NAS) product that offers a bevy of fantastic features right out the box. The Wireless Space, available in 1TB/$229.99 and 2TB/$349.99 configurations, can work as a stand-alone NAS server serving up media files via DLNA/UPnP/iTunes, as well as backing up Windows [...]

LaCie Intros the Dual-HDD/RAID Network Space MAX

Everyone is familiar with LaCie's Network Space line of NAS products. Now, LaCie has add a new member to the family called Network Space MAX that features two hard disk drives that can be configured in RAID 0 (combined capacity) or RAID 1 (mirrored to protect against drive failure) configurations. Other niceties include Gigabit Ethernet, [...]

LaCie Intros the LaCinema Classic HD Network Media Player

If none of the current crop of digital media adapters haven't gotten you excited, check out the latest LaCie product called the LaCinema Classic HD. The $249.99 device has 1TB of built-in storage (2TB model planned), is certified DLNA/UPnP compatible (runs Twonky Media Server), supports all the latest codecs and video formats (including MKV, DVD [...]

LaCie Network Space 2 Released

LaCie has announced the availability (Europe now £134.99, worldwide late this year) of the Network Space 2. At first glance it looks like just like the original Network Space with its minimalist glossy black enclosure, but LaCie has added some new features that may entice buyers. For instance, Network Space 2 now includes a BitTorrent [...]

LaCie Intros the LaCinema Black RECORD

For those of you jealous that our European friends were the only ones able to get their hands on the LaCie LaCinema Black MAX back in February, you're going to be pleased to learn that LaCie has just introduced the LaCinema Black RECORD worldwide via their online store. Like the LaCinema Black MAX, the LaCinema [...]