aTV Flash Beta for Apple TV 2G Coming This Month (Includes TV Browser)

Exciting news for Apple TV fans. The Fire Core team is one to two weeks away from releasing aTV Flash (black) beta for the second generation Apple TV. What's fantastic is that the installer requires no cable or USB drive to transform your generic Apple TV into an insanely powerful networked device. In the team's [...]

Apple TV Wiimote Hack Demo

Got to love people's ability to make gadgets do their own bidding. A second generation Apple TV owner has successfully managed to get his Wiimote to work on a jailbroken Apple TV. Essentially, at this point, the hack allows one to launch a Bluetooth software stack known as BTstack which can then recognize and communicate [...]

How Your Jailbroken Apple TV UI May Look

Here's a quick pic of what a greenpois0n-ed Apple TV currently looks like (still under development). Most of you following along are already familiar with SHAtter by Dev-Team, but now it appears that another group of hackers known as greenpois0n have successfully integrated their code into the Apple TV UI for app launching. No doubt [...]

What Would You Do with a Jailbroken 2nd Generation Apple TV?

Possible big news today. Dev-Team has figured out how to jailbreak a 2nd generation Apple TV using a new exploit they call SHAtter — works with the iPod touch 4G, too. The interesting thing here is that new Apple TV is now an iOS based device so the software (i.e. XBMC, Boxee) one could previously [...]