How-To: Create Unencrypted Disc images of Your DVD Movies

This quick guide (geared more towards Linux users) leverages two free open-source command line tools that will rip the contents of your DVD movie to your hard drive, unencrypt the files in processes, and then creates an ISO disc image that you can use for playback on your PC or digital media adapter (if it [...]

UPnP Specifications Named International Standard for Device Interoperability for IP-based Network Devices

UPnP Forum, the industry initiative designed to provide simple and robust connectivity among consumer electronics, intelligent appliances, computers and mobile devices from different vendors, announces that UPnP™ technology has attained worldwide recognition by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). In December 2008, ISO and IEC published an international standard [...]

SlySoft Adds ISO/UDF Blu-ray & HD DVD Image Creation to AnyDVD HD

For those who prefer a soft backup of a movie disc as opposed to a physical copy, SlySoft has given AnyDVD HD the capability to create exact ISO disc images with copy protections enabled or without. The disc images can then be burned to disc or be mounted via SlySoft's Virtual CloneDrive (or various other [...]