Boxee Releases Last Version that Supports the PC

Have Boxee Shot Themselves in the Foot by Turning their Back on the Home Computer? Boxee sees the way forward as internet TV, and the PC, which started everything, is not a part of that way forward.  Boxee's most recent release, v.1.5, is going to be the final one that supports the local PC. Growing Past the [...]

Internet TV to be Used by Malaysian Government

A new internet video service has been introduced by the Malaysian government that will assist it in communicating news, information and other updates to the public within the country. 1MalaysiaIPTV – The IPTV internet channel – is able to be looked at online from a PC or mobile device, whilst apps for iOS (iPod Touch, iPad, [...]

TVCatchup Brings UK Television Online

In case BBC iPlayer's current crop of online TV channels isn't enough for you, a fairly new online service called TVCatchup provides live streaming access to 18 channels through its browser-based service and 24 through its cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) Adobe AIR application. Unfortunately for most of us, content access is restricted to UK residents [...]

Neuros LINK – $300 Internet TV Set-Top / Entertainment PC

Ok. So I'm a little puzzled and intrigued by what the Neuros LINK is supposed to be exactly. A quick once over reveals that Neuros is intent on jumping on the Internet TV bandwagon by releasing a set-top capable of providing access to content from popular online video portals like Hulu, YouTube, Fancast, NBC, CNN, [...]

Windows 7 Internet TV Teaser Screenshot

While there's no concrete details as to who Microsoft will be partnering to bring Internet TV content to Windows 7 Media Center, Chris Lanier has posted a screenshot of what's currently showing up in the electronic programming guide. My guess is that Microsoft will be tapping into their already existing network of media content, but [...]

Kenbushi 7.4 Syncs Music and Movies to Most Portable Media Players

Lava Software is now shipping Kenbushi v7.4, their free digital media jukebox software which puts your library of movies, TV shows and music at your fingertips for easy browsing, fast searching and instant playback (video demo). Kenbushi can be used to manage and play media on a Mac or PC, sync media to all non-Apple [...]