Ekoore ET10TA Ubuntu Tablet Set to Launch in Early 2011

While we heard rumors that Ubuntu was working on a tablet version of its OS, but was later officially denied, we now have an Italian startup who is committed to shipping an Intel Atom-powered tablet with Ubuntu netbook edition. For those unfamiliar, this particular edition includes multi-touch support and a netbook-optimized interface called Unity that should play [...]

ASUS to Unveil the 12-inch, Core i5, Windows 7 Eee Slate EP121 at CES 2011

Talk about a teaser! ASUS has got a slate like no other (at least that we know of) coming to CES 2011. The slate (aka tablet) is powered by Windows 7, boasts and an impressive 12-inch multi-touch display, and leverages Intel's latest Core i5 processor. In other words, the Eee Slate EP121 is a full-blown [...]

Microsoft Predicted to Announce ARM Support for Windows at CES 2011; The Trouble Is They Already Do

There's a lot a buzz this morning that Microsoft is going embrace ARM processors so it can compete more effectively on the tablet front. Wall Street Journal's sources tell them that it is "part of a broader push at Microsoft to make Windows more 'modular' so that pieces of the operating system that are unnecessary [...]

Motorola Teases Honeycomb-based Android Tablet for CES 2011, Mocks iPad and GALAXY Tab in the Process

This is a gutsy move! Motorola obviously feels confident that its partnership with Google will produce the most advanced tablet to hit the market in 2011. We saw an early glimpse of the device at D: Dive into Mobile, courtesy of Andy Rubin's demo (shown above). So far we know the device is based on [...]

Notion Ink Demonstrates Adam’s Eden UI on Video

Here's a video to whet your appetite — or not. It shows off Adam's custom Eden UI and multitasking features on top of Android OS. As you will see Eden makes heavy use of panels to present Android apps and mobile web apps (kind of like the MeeGo implementation for tablets). It also uses those [...]

$249 Creative ZiiO 7-inch Android Tablet Now Available

I think a few of us got a little excited to learn that Barnes & Noble's $ 249 NOOKcolor eReader will eventually be receiving an update that would make the device a full-blown Android tablet. Well, today Android fans now have a real option in the same price range-- and with slightly better specs. Creative [...]

Tablet Version of Android Most Likely Launching with Honeycomb Release in 2011

Monday night, Google's Andy Rubin, demonstrated a prototype Android tablet to the D: Dive Into Mobile audience. As you can see in the video below, the tablet version of Android (Honeycomb build) is drastically different than the mobile version we're accustomed to. It's much more tablet-friendly you can say... sporting larger icons, a tablet optimized [...]

Tablet Recap: JooJoo Dies Quietly, HP Slate Surges, Android Looks to 2011

You may have heard the news that Fusion Garage has decided to discontinue the infamous 12-inch JooJoo tablet that beat Apple and HP to the newly formed consumer tablet market [UPDATE: JooJoo will be rebranded, fine-tuned and sold by FG partners]. Originally envisioned as the CrunchPad by TechCrunch's Michael Arrington, the tablet was rebranded as [...]