ARCHOS Takes on Chumby, Unveils the 35 Home Connect

At first glance the ARCHOS 35 Home Connect looks like a Chumby competitor — it's small, offers a touch display, and offers the ability to run apps. However, the 35 Home Connect is also a little different. For one... the display is only 3.5-inches and is saddled by two forward facing speakers. Two, it's capable [...] Founder Launching, a DVR-like Service for Internet Radio

Michael Robertson, the founder and former CEO of, announced yesterday at the Launch Conference that his next project will be a DVR-like service for Internet Radio called, which stands for Digital Audio Recorder. According to Robertson, the service provides a searchable list of talk and music stations that one selects to record (now [...]

Grace Digital Audio Intros the Pandora-loving GDI-IR2550p Wi-Fi Internet Radio

If you're a fan (or not) of Pandora on your PC, you might want to take notice of the Grace DDI-IR2550p Wi-Fi Internet radio which features integrated Pandora thumbs up / thumbs down and pause / play controls. The radio works with both Pandora's free and premium ad-free service. In addition, it's compatible with iHeartRadio, [...]

Satechi INSP3 Wi-Fi Internet Radio

These days Internet radios are becoming more and more commonplace. However, a company by the name of Satechi is trying to differentiate themselves with a highly stylized unit called the INSP3. The Internet radio, which can be purchased directly from Amazon for $99, offers auto-updating station listings from Reciva's Internet Radio Gateway, UPnP audio streaming [...]

Livio Radio Brings Pandora Song Preference Voting to Wi-Fi Radio

Sure, we've all seen Wi-Fi radios that make use of Reciva's 11,000+ collection of Internet radio stations. But now we're getting a new twist. A company called Livio is announcing the availability of the first Wi-Fi radio to incorporate Pandora's signature "thumbs up, thumbs down" controls on both the radio itself and its remote, thus [...]

Myine Ira Wi-Fi Internet Radio Now Shipping from

If you're in the market for an Internet radio you can plug into any home stereo, runs without a PC, comes with built-in wireless connectivity, and is so simple a child can use it, then have look at the Myine Ira. It's now shipping from for $149.99 and provides users with over 11,000 Internet [...]

Chumby Adds Pandora to Music Streaming Lineup

The folks behind Chumby are announcing that they've partnered with Pandora to provide owners to the cuddly device personalized radio stations and a new alarm clock feature which can be set to a Pandora station of choice. In addition, Chumby owners will now be able to view music videos via a widget powered by tipMotion [...]

Logitech Introduces Squeezebox Boom All-in-One Network Music Player

Today, Logitech unveiled the Logitech® Squeezebox™ Boom all-in-one network music player, featuring an integrated amplifier, high-performance speakers and a simplified setup. Now, it’s easier than ever before to bring digital music to any room in your home. “The network music player will be the CD player of the 21st century, and Squeezebox Boom is the first [...]