Intel Demos WiDi-enabled Atom Tablet at IDF 2010

Nice. Intel's Wireless Display (aka WiDi) technology — first introduced January 2010 — has found its way to Atom-powered devices! Originally designed for Intel's 2010 Core i5/7 processor family, WiDi will soon be integrated for use with Intel Atom processors that ship in products like netbooks and tablets. If you've forgotten what what WiDi [...]

Intel Seeks Your Ideas for the ‘Ultimate Home Communication Device’

Intel wants your best ideas for a chance to help the engineers create the home phone of tomorrow. Intel is awarding prizes for the best submissions and they've posted a Facebook Page with all the details on getting started, including hardware specs one would base their ideas on. Attached below is an inspirational video Intel [...]

Tablet Makers ‘Unenthusiastic’ by Intel Atom + Windows 7 Combo

Digitimes is reporting that PC makers are shifting away from Intel Atom and Windows 7 for future tablet devices. (I guess they read the memo.) And that their priority now is to create ARM-based tablets running Android with processors from Freescale, NVIDIA, and Qualcomm. Obviously, not good news for Intel (or Microsoft) who hopes manufactures [...]

Intel Labs Working on Touchscreen Counter Top Technology

Sure, a tablet integrated into a cabinet door may be an interesting way to stay connected in the kitchen. However, Intel has a better plan, according to The research arm of Intel is working on a way to use any counter top in your kitchen as an input and display conduit. With the use of [...]

MeeGo 1.0 Demo Shows Netbook to TV Display, Cloud Stored Media Access on Multiple Devices

We reported on MeeGo earlier this week and how it's set to compete with Android on a variety of devices and platforms. Now, new video has surfaced from Intel's Developer Forum in Beijing showing how MeeGo 1.0 is able to display content running on a netbook to your HDTV (looks like a wired connection in [...]

MeeGo Prepping to Compete with Android

For those unfamiliar with MeeGo, MeeGo is a Linux-based open source software operating system announced at Mobile World Congress earlier this year that combines the technologies of Intel's Moblin (netbook OS) and Nokia's Maemo (mobile/MID OS) projects. MeeGo is sponsored by the Linux Foundation and is now getting set to go mainstream and compete head-to-head [...]

Netgear Push2TV Adapter for Intel Wireless Display

We've recently seen a demo of Alereon's Wireless USB Laptop to HDTV extender and came away impressed. Well, it turns out Intel has a similar technology now being built into some of the newer boards sporting 2010 Intel Core Processors. The technology is called Intel Wireless Display and will work with a compatible HDTV adapter [...]

IDF 2009: Moblin Lands on Phones and MIDs

It looks like Intel has bigger plans for Moblin than just it being a lightweight, Linux-based netbook OS. At the Intel Developer Forum today, Intel unveiled a prototype Multimedia Internet Device (MID) running Moblin v2.1 powered by an Intel Atom processor. During the presentation, Intel also displayed a Smartphone running the OS as well and [...]