LG Positioning Their Smart TVs to Compete with Google TV

In the attached video from IFA 2010, you'll see a demo of LG's new Smart TV platform (aka NetCast) and the company's new Magic Wand remote (which looks different than the pic we saw earlier). Our buddy Charbax does an excellent job of questioning the LG rep on how things work and the technologies involved. [...]

ViewSonic Shows Off Dual-boot Windows 7 / Android ViewPad 100 Tablet at IFA 2010

As you're aware there is no shortage of Android tablets being shown at IFA 2010. However, there's probably only one that has been designed to run Window 7 as its primary OS and boot into Android for kicks. It's no surprise, however, that Android-x86 outlasts Windows 7 in terms of battery life. The rep says [...]

LG Partners with Plex to Bring XBMC Goodness to LG NetCast HDTVs and Blu-ray Players

This is pretty amazing news! The Mac XBMC spin-off, Plex, has inked a deal with LG to bring their platform to NetCast enabled HDTVs and Blu-ray players in 2011. The company cites Plex's media server capabilities, ability to aggregate content from multiple sources (online and locally), and its drop dead simple and attractive UI as [...]

Hands-on with Philips’ GoGear Connect at IFA 2010

SlashGear has posted a hands-on video and photo gallery for the $320 Philips GoGear Connect that we reported on earlier in the week. Unfortunately, it's not as cool as I was hoping for — especially after seeing the $199 ARCHOS 4.3-inch Android tablet with a 1Ghz processor. But there's still a lot to like... and [...]

ARCHOS 4, 7, and 10-inch Android Tablets Offer What You Need for Under $300

ARCHOS has been a player in the Android tablet game for quite some time. Now the company has a new lineup of 5 products that should appeal to a variety users, however, the three higher-end models are the ones that our readers will be most interested in. The 4.3-inch handset (ARCHOS 43) is just like [...]

Samsung GALAXY Tab Debuts at IFA 2010, Gets Its First TV Commercial

Well, it's September 2nd and Samsung, as promised, debuted the Samsung GALAXY Tab at IFA 2010. One of the first things that stood out to me is that the hardware of the final product looked a lot less Apple-like than the leaked photos and video we all kept on seeing, which I think everyone would agree [...]

Philips GoGear Connect Android-powered PMP to Debut at IFA 2010

Looks like Philips has an iPod touch competitor of their own coming out (Samsung may as well). The company has just confirmed that they will be introducing the Philips GoGear Connect at IFA next week. The portable media player (PMP) will offer a 3.2-inch touchscreen (480x320), access to Android Market, surround sound audio provided by Philips' [...]