Intel’s Next Atom CE4200 SoC for Set-tops and Smart TVs to Include H.264 Encoding and 3D Support

Looks like the next generation Smart TVs are going to get a bunch smarter, or if anything... better looking. Intel is announcing the future "Groveland" Atom CE4200 SoC will boast H.264 encoding, 3D support, "sync-and-go" tech for portable devices, and power-saving technologies that can shut down parts of the chip when not in use. Fingers [...]

Windows Media Center Embedded to Take on Apple TV, Boxee, Roku, Google TV in the First Half of 2011

Windows fans will be excited to learn that Windows Media Center Embedded set-top boxes will begin shipping in the first half of 2011 (previous coverage). The boxes on display at IDF 2010 from the likes of ASUS (see: Companion Box) and ACER (see: Revo 2 w/ RevoPad) show that they'll be packing the same Intel [...]

Dell’s New Inspiron Duo Netbook / Tablet Hybrid Raises Eyebrows at IDF 2010

We're all familiar with the original Tablet PCs that feature the hinge-based twist-and-fold display that lays flat to input data. Now, Dell is introducing a new form factor that swivels a display in its curved bezel to lay down even flatter and transform from an Atom-powered netbook to a media tablet with its own tablet [...]

Intel Demos WiDi-enabled Atom Tablet at IDF 2010

Nice. Intel's Wireless Display (aka WiDi) technology — first introduced January 2010 — has found its way to Atom-powered devices! Originally designed for Intel's 2010 Core i5/7 processor family, WiDi will soon be integrated for use with Intel Atom processors that ship in products like netbooks and tablets. If you've forgotten what what WiDi [...]

MeeGo 1.0 Demo Shows Netbook to TV Display, Cloud Stored Media Access on Multiple Devices

We reported on MeeGo earlier this week and how it's set to compete with Android on a variety of devices and platforms. Now, new video has surfaced from Intel's Developer Forum in Beijing showing how MeeGo 1.0 is able to display content running on a netbook to your HDTV (looks like a wired connection in [...]