Rumor: Microsoft to Debut Hulu Xbox 360 Support at E3 2010

Here's a rumor a lot of people will be keeping their fingers crossed will come true. According to Gear Live, who heard it from a "reliable source (who has never been wrong before)," Microsoft will unveil Hulu as a Xbox LIVE service at E3 (June 15-17). Hulu will supposedly be available through the dashboard and [...]

Hulu to Introduce a $9.95 Monthly Subscription Offering Called ‘Hulu Plus’

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Hulu will soon introduce a monthly subcription offering called Hulu Plus, as early as May 24th, that will unlock additional episodes to viewers from the standard five most recent episodes everyone sees today. No word exactly how far back the archive will go, though. But, if Hulu plans [...]

Add Boxee / Hulu Desktop Launchers to Windows Media Center in a Snap

Yes, we've seen various ways to add a Boxee / Hulu Desktop launcher to Windows Media Center before — usually requiring the use of a menu editing tool. This time, however, we've got a script designed for Windows 7 Media Center that will do all the work for you and even make it so that [...]

Myka ION HD Player – Features Hulu, Boxee, XBMC

Wow, I think we might have a winner here. The folks at Myka have created a hybrid HD media player / HTPC that's based on Ubuntu. The Myka ION provides a custom media dashboard that one boots straight into on top of a fully configured and optimized PC that supports Hulu, Boxee, XBMC, and other [...]

CNN Blogger Bunch: Windows 7, Hulu Subscription

Chris Pirillo (, Pete Cashmore (Mashable), and Brian Chen ( share their thoughts on the launch of Windows 7 and the possibility of Hulu moving to a subscription model. All in all, it's an interesting roundtable from three self avowed Mac guys with Windows experience. But I agree with Chris... the OS is becoming irrelevant in these [...]

Hulu Planning on Going to a Subscription Model

Say ain't so?! Broadcasting & Cable is reporting that Chase Carey, deputy chairman of News Corp., told the audience at B&C's On-Screen Summit in New York this past Wednesday that Hulu will switch over to a subscription model as early as 2010, but will leave some content free to view. "I think a free model is [...]

Hulu Desktop for Linux Released

[youtube=] It was nearly five months ago when Hulu first announced the release of Hulu Desktop for Windows and Mac. Now the Hulu Labs team has added a Linux version to the mix with 32 and b4-bit packages available for Fedora and Ubuntu. Attached here is a demo of Hulu Desktop running on Ubuntu that I [...]

FireFly Mini Tested and Confirmed to Work with Hulu Desktop

SnapStream Blog is confirming that their FireFly Mini ($29.99) remote is fully compatible with Hulu Desktop. The news isn't mind-blowing by any means since the software's documentation states that its compatible with most media center PC remotes. However, if you're looking for something compact and inexpensive to navigate Hulu Desktop, FireFly Mini may be just [...]