It’s Official: Hulu Plus to Arrive on Roku

Well, now the world has confirmation to the news we got yesterday. Roku is officially announcing Hulu Plus, the premium $9.99/mo service, will arrive on Roku later this Fall and will be compatible with all models, including its entry-level $59.99 player. Roku has sent us an image to whet your appetite until then. The full press release [...]

Samsung Internet@TV Adds Hulu Plus Support to HDTVs

CNET has just posted a review of Samsung's latest LED 6500 HDTV, which includes Ethernet connectivity (Wi-Fi adapter available), DLNA/UPnP (aka AllShare), and apps support via its Internet@TV platform. One of the unexpected additions is Hulu Plus — making it the first HDTV to include the premium offering. CNET claims Hulu Plus on the TV [...]

Hulu Plus Demonstrated on Sony’s PlayStation 3

If you're curious on what Hulu Plus is like running on Sony 's PlayStation 3, have a look at the follow video below produced by Joystiq. As you'll see, Hulu Plus is an app that can be downloaded to the console (no disc required like Netflix's implementation) and features a game console/controller friendly layout slightly [...]

Possible Winning Combo: OTA HDTV + Hulu Plus + Blockbuster/VUDU

Like many of you I was pleased to hear the news that Hulu unveiled their Hulu Plus offering today. Now I'm wondering if it's actually something I'd be interested in paying for. Luckily, NewTeeVee did the leg work for us in comparing Hulu Plus with Netflix's instant streaming collection. According to the site, Hulu's biggest [...]

Hulu Officially Announces Its $9.99/mo Hulu Plus Offering

Great news for Hulu fans. Hulu has officially announced the upcoming availability of Hulu Plus (currently available via "preview invite"). The $9.99/mo Hulu Plus service will provide subscribers with a complete archive of all shows available through the service in 720p HD video. In other words, if you're interested in, say, Lost, all episodes from [...]