Cord-cutters Made Up 0.18% of the Market in 2010, Expected to Hit 2% Globally in 2015

Is "cord-cutting," the act of intentionally replacing your cable / satellite TV service with a free to low cost IP-based over-the-top solution(s), overhyped? It appears so — at least until the end of this decade. According to Informa Telecoms & Media's recent study, the research firm found that there were only 1.2 million cord-cutters worldwide in 2010, equivalent to [...]

Yes, TV Apps Can Save Niche Cable and Independent TV Networks – In Theory

I just wanted to piggyback on NewTeeVee's post: "Can TV Apps Save Niche Cable Networks?" and the recent announcement that WealthTV will be the first cable TV channel, in HD, to be offered on Roku for $2.99/mo. If we can move past the argument of TV platform fragmentation and imagine that it's easy for any [...]

Why TV Platforms Are Conduits and Apps Are Universal

It seems people have already started picking out their favorite TV / IPTV / OTT / Smart TV — or whatever buzz word you want use — platform, which is fine. We've been brought up in a world where you choose the platform / OS that serves you best. So far that's held true for [...]

TiVo’s Cable Partners Are Forbidden to Enable Netflix and Hulu Plus on Their Set-tops

Newteevee has been covering what's been going on with TiVo's new cable box partners. It turns out that any cable operator TiVo licenses its platform to can't support a Netflix or Hulu Plus app (coming soon) to supply network TV content outside the service. It's no problem with an off-the-shelf CableCARD-equipped TiVo Premiere box, but [...]

Hulu Plus Now Available to All for $7.99/mo

Hulu is announcing that its premium Hulu Plus service is now officially available to all US-based Hulu fans and can be accessed on any compatible device for $7.99/mo (previously $9.99/mo during the preview period). So if you're interested in watching every current season TV episode distributed through the service and tapping into a deeper library [...]

Get Your Hulu Fix Now on Sony’s Dash Personal Internet Viewer

Sony is announcing that the $9.99/mo Hulu Plus service is now accessible via the Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer. The new app makes itself comfortable next to Dash's Netflix, Amazon On Demand, and YouTube video offerings. I guess if you're going to spend the money on a premium subscription to Hulu Plus you should be [...]

Google TV Provides a Native ‘Quick Fix’ to Accessing Hulu

Sweet! While most of us haven't been lucky enough to play with Google TV on the Logitech Revue or Sony's new Internet TV line, we're finding out that troublesome sites who like to block networked media players from accessing their content have met their match with Google TV. It turns out you can easily switch [...]

Hulu Plus to Land on TiVo Premiere DVRs in the Coming Months

TiVo says, "me too." The company is announcing that its TiVo Premiere DVRs, announced back in March, will provide access to Hulu Plus content in the coming months (like the other guys). Interesting, isn't it, that they chose to only support TiVo Premiere DVR subscribers only? Anyone know if there's a technical reason why they couldn't support [...]