Add Boxee / Hulu Desktop Launchers to Windows Media Center in a Snap

Yes, we've seen various ways to add a Boxee / Hulu Desktop launcher to Windows Media Center before — usually requiring the use of a menu editing tool. This time, however, we've got a script designed for Windows 7 Media Center that will do all the work for you and even make it so that [...]

Hulu Desktop for Linux Released

[youtube=] It was nearly five months ago when Hulu first announced the release of Hulu Desktop for Windows and Mac. Now the Hulu Labs team has added a Linux version to the mix with 32 and b4-bit packages available for Fedora and Ubuntu. Attached here is a demo of Hulu Desktop running on Ubuntu that I [...]

FireFly Mini Tested and Confirmed to Work with Hulu Desktop

SnapStream Blog is confirming that their FireFly Mini ($29.99) remote is fully compatible with Hulu Desktop. The news isn't mind-blowing by any means since the software's documentation states that its compatible with most media center PC remotes. However, if you're looking for something compact and inexpensive to navigate Hulu Desktop, FireFly Mini may be just [...]

Hulu Labs Launches Hulu Desktop for Mac and PC

Exciting news today for Hulu lovers. Hulu is announcing the immediate availability of Hulu Desktop for Mac and PC. The current offering is one of many new products being released from the site's new skunkworks, Hulu Labs. Above is a video overview of Hulu Desktop which will provide users a rich, browser-less media experience that [...]