Aims to Be the Best Way to Find HTML5 Compatible Video for the iPad

Sure you could visit Apple's iPad-ready list of websites that cater to iPad's need for HTML5 video, but if you were smart (like most of our readers are), you would navigate over to with your iPad (or spoofed browser) to view a continuously expanding collection of compatible video from all around the web broken [...]

How to View iPad-Ready Websites via Your Firefox Web Browser

Curious to see what iPad-ready websites look like without an iPad? If you have Firefox installed on your computer, download the User Agent Switcher add-on and create a new iPad user agent profile (details below) so you can view iPad-ready websites on your desktop (Note: viewing HTML5 video may be a problem since Firefox supports [...]

Apps for iPad Now Available on iTunes

If you haven't heard already, you can now browse and purchase apps "for iPad." Yup, these are apps designed for the iPad — not scaled up iPhone apps that are compatible with the iPad (a previous gripe of mine). As you'll see after looking over the selection, the iPad apps are being sold at a [...]