Google TV Rolls Out Android 3.2

Google TV is now a part of Android Honeycomb 3.2.  A new update was released last week to allow Google TV to go Android in keeping with Google's promise earlier this month to release frequent updates.  This is the latest update that will happen before Android 4 is provided to users.  The new software is [...]

Netflix FINALLY Coming to Linux and Chrome OS

Reports are coming in that Google and Netflix will soon be announcing the availability of a Chrome Web Store App or Extension that will enable Chrome OS and other Linux-based distros running Chrome/ium to access Netflix's streaming movie and TV show catalog without the need for Microsoft's Silverlight plugin. According to a post on the [...]

Launch GTK Apps in Your Web Browser; No, Really!

Hey, psssst. Want to see something wild? Operating systems that run GTK+ 3.2 (part of GNOME 3.0) can have applications launch in a web browser, thanks to HTML5's gdk "broadway" backend. A demo of this miracle is attached below. What does this mean for all of us? Well, an OS like Chrome OS — built [...]

Why TV Platforms Are Conduits and Apps Are Universal

It seems people have already started picking out their favorite TV / IPTV / OTT / Smart TV — or whatever buzz word you want use — platform, which is fine. We've been brought up in a world where you choose the platform / OS that serves you best. So far that's held true for [...]

Clicker Unveils Clicker Predict and Leverages Facebook for Video Recommendations

Clicker has just taken the wraps off a new recommendation engine they call Clicker Predict. The algorithm checks 50 user behavior signals to determines which undiscovered content to present to you. In addition, Clicker has tapped Facebook to help it find even more recommendations by sifting through public data posted by yourself and your friends. [...]

Netflix Leverages HTML5-based Web Apps for PS3 and Google TV

Last week you may have caught the video below, making the rounds, showing off Google TV's updated Netflix app and how it looks eerily similar to the PS3 version. Well, there's a reason for that. Netflix's Techblog has posted details on how the company used HTML5 (along with a port of Webkit) to create a [...]

MPEG-LA Makes Its H.264 Codec Royalty-free to Content Producers (Mozilla Says It Doesn’t Change a Thing)

The MPEG-LA has just announced that they will never collect royalties from video producers who distribute MPEG-4 content online for free to end users encoded in the H.264 codec. As you can imagine this declaration brings a huge sigh of relief to video podcasters, budding film makers, and the like who were warned earlier this [...]

Clicker Unveils for Television Browsing today intoduced a new version of their "TV Guide for the Web" offering for large-screen televisions and computer displays. What's innovative here is that (note the .tv) is an HTML5 web application that requires no software to download and can be controlled using your PC remote or your keyboard's directional arrow keys. [...]