HTC Shows the Desire HD Can ‘Play To’

Forgive the pun in the headline... I couldn't resist. HTC has posted an in-depth video on its forthcoming Desire HD Android handset. Like we mentioned earlier, the Desire HD will include DLNA capabilities that will allow it to stream photos, music, and video to DLNA-enabled devices like a "Smart TV" (should work with DLNA-enabled digital [...]

‘Real’ Android Tablets by Q1 2011?

Digitimes reports HTC will unveil an Android 3.0-based tablet in Q1 2011 and leverage its current relationships with mobile carriers to push the product. We've heard that either Android "Gingerbread" (v3.0) or "Honeycomb" (v3.1/2) will premier the first official tablet specific release of Android (with its own tablet apps available in the Market), so this [...]

HTC Unveils a DLNA-based ‘Media Link’ for Handset TV Streaming

Excellent. HTC is jumping on the DLNA bandwagon with Samsung and Motorola by including DLNA support in its new handsets — specifically the Desire HD and Desire Z. The phones will be able to wirelessly stream video/movies (up to 720p), photo, and music content stored on the device to DLNA-enabled HDTVs or to standard HDTVs [...]

Microsoft IP Tax Makes Its Way to Linux-based Gadgets

[OPINION] There's a disturbance in the gadget force everyone. You probably aren't aware of it because most you are Mac or Windows users, but those who've been using Linux on the desktop or on servers have known for some time that Microsoft has been bullying Linux software vendors with threats of lawsuits for infringing on [...]