HP WebOS Devices to Become Lust-worthy (At Least That’s the Hope)

I couldn't help reading TechCrunch's post on HP wanting to become Apple now that they own their very own sexy OS, WebOS, for tablet and mobile devices. According to TC, HP wants to borrow Apple's closed system model of hardware and software and create lust-worthy devices with high profit margins on par with what Apple's [...]

Windows 7 Powered HP Slate 500 Listed on HP’s Website

Hmmm not sure what to make of this news. PCWorld has made a discovery. It appears that the HP Slate we were all tracking at the beginning of the year is destined to launch once again after supposedly being shelved in April, according to evidence of a web page on HP.com created July 12th. Spec-wise [...]

HP MediaSmart Servers Gain TiVo Expander and Easy USB Transfer WHS Add-ins

HP has added some new Windows Home Server Add-ins for its MediaSmart Server line that should appeal to many users. If you own a TiVo, you'll want to install the HP MediaSmart Expander for TiVo add-in that will allow you to save recorded TV shows to MediaSmart server to free up space on your TiVo [...]

Compaq AirLife 100 – The Netbook a Smartphone (or Tablet) User Would Love

I'll be the first to admit it. I wasn't too keen on hearing that netbook makers were considering using Android as a netbook OS last year. However, since then a little machine called the Compaq AirLife 100 made an appearance at CES 2010 and pulled on my heart strings for attention. I mean, seriously... how [...]

HP Slate Gets a Pre-Launch Hands-On

Not quite sure how Connecti.ca got their hands on a pre-production HP Slate. In anycase, Connecti.ca came up less than impressed with the tablet and lets Apple fanboys know it's not an iPad Killer. While the post is fairly brief, it does site one aspect of the device that's most likely credible. And that is [...]

Microsoft and Google Flirting with the Idea of Releasing Their Own Tablets?

NYTimes.com has posted an article on the upcoming rivals to Apple's iPad. What's interesting is that the post has a quick blurb stating: "Microsoft is considering building its own slate hardware to try to offer as cohesive a package as Apple and the other competitors." Interesting, being that in the context of the statement there [...]

Oh, Snap! HP Slate Telling the World It’s a Contender

While we're still months away from the HP Slate launch (rumor has it may be as early as this June), HP has produced a new commercial showcasing features lacking on the iPad. Of course, the commercial doesn't mention the iPad by name or show the device, but it does subtly focus on the features missing [...]

HP Slate to Launch June 2010 for Around $500

Spanish tech news website, Clipset, is claiming [translation], after getting some hands-on time with the HP Slate during a presentation, that the device will officially launch this June and be available in Europe for €400 by September. HP further confirmed that the Slate will run Windows 7, be powered by an Intel Atom processor, support [...]