Tablet Recap: JooJoo Dies Quietly, HP Slate Surges, Android Looks to 2011

You may have heard the news that Fusion Garage has decided to discontinue the infamous 12-inch JooJoo tablet that beat Apple and HP to the newly formed consumer tablet market [UPDATE: JooJoo will be rebranded, fine-tuned and sold by FG partners]. Originally envisioned as the CrunchPad by TechCrunch's Michael Arrington, the tablet was rebranded as [...]

Rocketfish Branded Tablet from Best Buy Set to Debut?

Whoa, what do we have here! Best Buy's CTO, Robert Stephens, has posted two twitpics via his twitter account showing off a new prototype tablet Best Buy is working on under its Rocketfish brand. As you can see, it looks like a dead ringer for the HP Slate. In fact, most of the ports appear [...]

Windows 7 Powered HP Slate 500 Listed on HP’s Website

Hmmm not sure what to make of this news. PCWorld has made a discovery. It appears that the HP Slate we were all tracking at the beginning of the year is destined to launch once again after supposedly being shelved in April, according to evidence of a web page on created July 12th. Spec-wise [...]

Windows 7 Powered HP Slate on the Chopping Block

Tough day for Windows users. Earlier we learned Microsoft would not be bringing their most exciting product in years to market, the Courier Booklet. Now TechCrunch is claiming that the HP Slate is being terminated and will not launch this Summer as expected, according to "a source who’s been briefed on the matter." Whew.... Guess [...]

HP Slate Gets a Pre-Launch Hands-On

Not quite sure how got their hands on a pre-production HP Slate. In anycase, came up less than impressed with the tablet and lets Apple fanboys know it's not an iPad Killer. While the post is fairly brief, it does site one aspect of the device that's most likely credible. And that is [...]

Oh, Snap! HP Slate Telling the World It’s a Contender

While we're still months away from the HP Slate launch (rumor has it may be as early as this June), HP has produced a new commercial showcasing features lacking on the iPad. Of course, the commercial doesn't mention the iPad by name or show the device, but it does subtly focus on the features missing [...]

HP Slate to Launch June 2010 for Around $500

Spanish tech news website, Clipset, is claiming [translation], after getting some hands-on time with the HP Slate during a presentation, that the device will officially launch this June and be available in Europe for €400 by September. HP further confirmed that the Slate will run Windows 7, be powered by an Intel Atom processor, support [...]

HP Slate Strikes Back

Last night you may have caught Apple's first iPad commerical during the Oscars — it wasn't bad. But did you know HP posted their Slate commercial a couple days earlier on YouTube? Yeah, I didn't either. I'm not even sure if it's been broadcasted on TV yet. In any case, attached below is HP's Slate TV commercial [...]