HP MediaSmart Server Software Update Brings H.264 Video Conversion and Remote Streaming Functionality

Really big news today for HP MediaSmart Server (models: EX485 / EX487) owners. HP has released a server software update that brings a couple of new video streaming features to the product line. According to the press release (attached below), HP MediaSmart Servers can now transcode unprotected, digital copies of DVDs in its original resolution [...]

Windows Home Server CES 2009 Showcase

If you've been curious about the direction of Windows Home Server, you'll be interested to see [WMV HQ] what the Director of the platform, Todd Headric, has to say to On10.net regarding its evolution both in terms of capabilities and product form factors. Servers on display range from a single drive Pico-ITX inspired VIA box [...]

HP Unveils a Pair of New Juiced Up MediaSmart Servers with Added Mac Time Machine Support

If you live in a dual Mac and Windows PC environment, HP's new ex485 (750GB - $599) and ex487 (1.5TB - $749) MediaSmart Servers launching in February 2009 are going to be right up your alley. The new machines, which come packed with a 2Ghz 64-bit Celeron processor and 2GB of DDR2 RAM, now offer [...]

Learn How to Leverage Firefly Media Server to Playback Your HP MediaSmart Server’s Stored Music Collection via the Internet

If you've ever been interested in learning how to access and playback your HP MediaSmart Server's stored music collection from any web enabled device, the following how-to guide at MediaSmart Home does a fairly good job of explaining how to go about doing this. The guide shows you how to enable and configure Firefly Media [...]

HP to Relax Warranty Terms and Allow MediaSmart Server Owners to Upgrade System Memory

We Got Served is reporting today that HP, in an official public statement, is now stating that they will allow MediaSmart Server owners to upgrade their device's memory without the worry of voiding their warranty. This is obviously fantastic news to all the power users out there who've embraced the platform and have installed [...]

Pimp My MediaSmart Server

Too funny. MediaSmartServer.net forum member Diehard has modded his HP MediaSmart Server by installing the Popcorn Hour Media Tank mainboard into one of his server's drive bays (pic) and, additionally, cut out an area of the back panel to mount its corresponding A/V connectors. So now, not only does Diehard have a server, he [...]

HP MediaSmart Server Demo at HP’s SmartHome

[blip.tv ?posts_id=1069227&dest=-1] [View on Blip.tv, YouTube, or Download] And here's the last video in the HP SmartHome series. Brian Burch, director of marketing for HP’s connected entertainment division, showcases for us the brain of the SmartHome and provides a quick walkthrough of the company's MediaSmart Server based on Windows Home Server. He also chats about some of [...]