Hillcrest Labs Unveils Its New 6-axis Scoop Pointer In-air Mouse

Familiar with the Loop Pointer? Well, Hillcrest Labs is replacing that with its new Scoop Pointer available to OEMs later this year. The company will offer them for rebranding and consumers can purchase the new in-air mouse from partners once they become available (unlike the Loop, which has its own website). Difference between the two [...]

LG Smart TV and Smart TV Upgrader Demo at CES 2011

LG in April will be releasing their first "Smart TV" to the market. The network enabled HDTV features a Nintendo Wii-like "Magic Remote" (powered by Hillcrest Labs' Freespace and Broadcom's BCM20730 chipset), DLNA support, 150 TV Apps (free and premium - i.e. Netflix, Hulu Plus, VUDU, etc.), and a web browser. Worth noting is that the [...]

Kylo TV Optimized Web Browser Beta 0.8 Gets a Refresh and Some Handy New Features

Hillcrest Labs, the maker of the Loop pointer and Kylo browser, are today announcing the release of Kylo browser Beta 0.8. The new update brings a refreshed UI that has been further optimized for TV browsing and integrates Clicker.tv visual search, provides the option to set Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Ask, or Truveo as your default [...]

Get Ready for In-air TV Remotes Powered by Hillcrest Labs’ Patented Freespace Technology

Hillcrest Labs today is announcing that it has licensed its Freespace in-air pointing and motion-control technology to LG and Sony. LG, in particular, is bundling the Freespace-powered "Magic Wand" remote (sound familiar?) with its first 3D-ready, Internet-connected INFINIA HDTVs with NetCast Entertainment access. No word how Sony plans to use it, but it will most [...]

Hillcrest Labs’ Mozilla-based Kylo TV Web Browser Learns Some Handy New Tricks

I think a lot of people were impressed when Hillcrest Labs, creator of the Loop pointer, introduced the TV optimized Kylo web browser back in March. Today, beta version v0.7 of the browser is sporting new and refined features that should pique HTPC and Windows Media Center enthusiasts interests even more. The full press release below [...]

Pick Up Hillcrest Labs’ Loop Pointer for Just $49 (MSRP $99) – Promo Ends 5/20/10

Got a Mac/Windows HTPC? If you do, Hillcrest Labs has reduced the price of their innovative in-air mouse pointer, the Loop, to just $49 @ Amazon.com. It regularly sells for $99, but they are currently running a Dads & Grads promo until May 20th. Besides being used for navigating things like Windows Media Center, Hulu, [...]

Kylo TV Web Browser Announced for Windows and Mac HTPCs

Nice to see someone addressing the biggest issue for net-connected TV devices: a useable web browser. Today Hillcrest Labs is announcing the Kylo couch-surf-ready web browser for Windows and Mac HTPCs based on Mozilla. The Kylo browser has been specifically designed for TV use and is aimed at providing users a full web experience with [...]