Hitachi Shows Off World’s First Hand Gesture Controlled HDTV

[youtube=] Back in November 2008 we got a glimpse of Mgestyk Technologies' hand gesture control system for navigating PC games, a web browser, and photo libraries. At the time many of us were floored – especially by the possibilities. Now Hitachi – with the help of Canesta's 3D sensor chip – is demonstrating a hand gesture [...]

IOGEAR Expands A/V Product Family to Transform Home Entertainment and Simplify Digital Signage Implementation

IOGEAR today announced four A/V connectivity solutions for the home and office that simplify consumers' and professionals' ability to enjoy a variety of modern multimedia devices. Users can now add multiple HDMI inputs to an HDTV and broadcast media an additional 200 feet away from its source. Ideal for professionals in need of simple digital signage [...]

Cirgon Will Ship a Fedora Linux HTPC – Encore Media Server

Coming in August 2008, digital media company Cirgon will begin selling a Fedora Linux-based HTPC dubbed Encore Media Server. The Encore will be an exciting addition to any HD-based home theater setup, providing playback and management of music, photos, and 1080i HD video. It's no surprise that the design of the Encore is focused primarily on [...]

byd:sign Introduces First DivX Certified HDTV to Hit Japan

DivX, Inc., a digital media company, today announced the DivX Certification™ of byd:sign Corporation's new LCD HDTV (model: DC-1902DWB [black], DC-1902DWW [white]). To be released this month, byd:sign's LCD HDTV (liquid crystal display high-definition television) is the first LCD HDTV with DivX Certification for the Japan market. With guaranteed DivX video playback, users will enjoy a [...]

Wireless HDTV Technologies Battle for a Million Installations in 2012

We’ve got wireless phones, wireless Internet and wireless home networks. Next, coming to a living room or commercial facility near you, is wireless high-definition TV. However, the market is still in its “incubation” stage, with fewer than 100,000 devices expected to ship this year. According to a new study from ABI Research, optimistic forecasts point [...]

Broadband Internet Speeds Seen as More Important to Consumers Than HDTV and Other New Services, According to New Pike & Fischer Report

Cable, satellite TV and now even telephone companies have been heavily promoting a variety of new services, ranging from high-definition video to movies on demand. But communications industry leaders believe the best way to attract and keep customers is by providing the fastest Internet speeds, according to a new Pike [...]