Research Study Finds Connected TV Users Demand Improved UIs and Web Services Integration

Strategy Analytics has a released a new research study dubbed, Profiling the Connected Media Consumer: a Contextual Study, that examines what owners and potential buyers of network enabled HDTVs are looking for and/or expecting in their "Connected TV." The good news... vocal early adopters are already guiding what features and services their products should support [...]

DisplaySearch Forecasts 1.2M+ 3D Capable HDTVs Will Ship in 2010, 15.6M in 2013

I don't know how analysts arrive at these numbers, but 3DTV was a big hit at CES 2010. So on top of HDTVs being network connected for streaming media locally from devices on your home network and the interent, consumers will soon have 3D options to look forward to — including dedicated 3D programming channels. [...]

Zune HD Television Interface Video Walkthrough

The guys at Gizmodo have posted a video of the upcoming Zune HD functioning in its optional AV dock for HD and SD video output. Overall, the TV interface is attractive and looks similar to what you'd see through a digital media adapter, providing some nice visual transitions. And in case you were wondering how [...]

ABI Research Forecasts 20 Million Wireless Networked TVs to Ship in 2011

It seems that networked TVs will soon become more than a novelty act. ABI Research forecasts that by 2011 approximately 20 million Wi-Fi enabled HDTVs will ship worldwide — with North America, Western Europe, and select Asian countries being the next growth markets. Currently, Japan dominates in product adoption. However, ABI Research sees two key areas that need to be [...]

Macrovision Changes Its Name to Rovi, Unveils New ‘Liquid’ Media Guide Platform for HDTVs

Big news today from Macrovision. The company has decided to rebrand itself as Rovi and is unveiling a new media guide platform currently dubbed "Liquid" that will make its way into Internet capable set-top boxes and HDTVs from Sony, Panasonic, Vizio, and others in the next couple years. According to the company's press release, Liquid [...]

Blockbuster to Deliver OnDemand Movie Service to Samsung HDTVs and Blu-ray Players by Fall 2009

In a joint press release with Samsung, Blockbuster is announcing that later this Fall they will begin offering their OnDemand movie service via select Samsung HDTVs and network Blu-ray players. (I'm sure other partners will be announced later.) What's interesting, is that in order to do this, Blockbuster must have updated their OnDemand service to [...]

33% of U.S. Broadband Households Interested in Widget-ized HDTVs

Parks Associates took a survey recently – for their white paper: From Boob Tube to YouTube: Consumers and TV — and found that 33% of Americans with a broadband connection showed interest in purchasing (possibly even at a premium) an HDTV that supports Internet powered, on-screen widgets (think: Yahoo! TV Widget Engine). The survey also [...]

New ‘Economical’ Sony BRAVIA W Series Network HDTV Line to Launch this Spring

For those of you who find the price point of the BRAVIA Z5100 and XBR9 Network HDTVs a bit steep, you'll be interested to learn that Sony is launching a complementary W Series line that the company claims is more economical, yet still offers many of the high-end networking features. All W Series HDTVs are [...]