LG Positioning Their Smart TVs to Compete with Google TV

In the attached video from IFA 2010, you'll see a demo of LG's new Smart TV platform (aka NetCast) and the company's new Magic Wand remote (which looks different than the pic we saw earlier). Our buddy Charbax does an excellent job of questioning the LG rep on how things work and the technologies involved. [...]

Sony’s Google TV Powered HDTVs to Support Its BRAVIA Internet Video Offering As an App

This is interesing... and answers one of the questions I've had on how Sony plans to integrate — if at all — its BRAVIA Internet Video offering on the company's upcoming Google TV powered HDTVs and Blu-ray players. It turns out that BRAVIA Internet Video will be available as a Google TV app, as opposed [...]

Panasonic Adds Twitter Functionality to Its VIERA Cast-enabled HDTVs and Blu-ray Players

Interesting. Panasonic has opted to include a custom Twitter app to their VIERA Cast-enabled TVs and Blu-ray players that will allow users to tweet their friends while watching TV, search, access/create favorites, see their friends/followers, and view the public timeline. However, the app doesn't overlay live TV or work in the sidebar like other examples [...]

Sezmi $4.99/mo Personalized TV Service Expands to 36 U.S. Markets

Folks on a budget (or people looking for an alternative to Comcast)... listen up. You may now be in one of 36 new Sezmi TV service markets — and that's a good thing. For as little as $4.99/mo, and the purchase of a $149.99 Sezmi DVR with 1,400 hours of storage, you'll get basic HDTV, [...]

Another Month, Another Rumor: Apple’s Next Apple TV Will Be a Television (Uh, Maybe Not)

Last May it was the compact, iOS-based $99 Apple TV adapter that was rumored to soon be unveiled. This month NYTimes.com is fueling the rumors that an actual TV running iOS will eventually make an appearance to compete with Google TV. The funny thing is... when you look at the article excerpt blogs are referencing (shown [...]

Possible Winning Combo: OTA HDTV + Hulu Plus + Blockbuster/VUDU

Like many of you I was pleased to hear the news that Hulu unveiled their Hulu Plus offering today. Now I'm wondering if it's actually something I'd be interested in paying for. Luckily, NewTeeVee did the leg work for us in comparing Hulu Plus with Netflix's instant streaming collection. According to the site, Hulu's biggest [...]

Clicker Unveils Clicker.tv for Television Browsing

Clicker.com today intoduced a new version of their "TV Guide for the Web" offering for large-screen televisions and computer displays. What's innovative here is that Clicker.tv (note the .tv) is an HTML5 web application that requires no software to download and can be controlled using your PC remote or your keyboard's directional arrow keys. Clicker.tv [...]

Swedish TV Manufacture, People of Lava, Intros Worlds First Android-Powered HDTV

A fairly unknown TV manufacture out of Sweden who specializes in hotel installs has introduced its new Scandinavia line of Android-powered (PAL, DVB-T) HDTVs. The Scandinavia lineup consists of 42, 47, and 55-inch models which leverage a ARM Cortex A8 833MHz processor and provides USB and wireless keyboard connectivity. The Scandinavia TVs come pre-loaded with YouTube, [...]