Sigma Designs Gives Us a Sneak Peek of Future Media Streamers

I saw this the other day and went: meh. Sigma Designs is showing off a new reference design that CE manufactures can tap for their next-gen media streamers and IPTV receivers. At first glance it looks compelling — it's a plug computer in way. The SMP8670 chip powered wall wart offers 1080p playback via HDMI, HomePlug [...]

Best Buy Intros the $299.99 Rocketfish 4-port Wireless HD Kit

If you've been looking for a relatively inexpensive solution to wirelessly connect your HDMI equipped A/V gear to your HDTV, Rocketfish's 4-port Wireless HD kit (RF-WHD200) might be the answer to your needs. The $299.99 kit provides a wireless 1080p/60 and 3D video connection from up to 32-feet away using WirelessHD 60GHz technology (latency is [...]

HDBaseT Spec Finalized – Promises Transmission of A/V, Networking, and Power via a Single Cord Solution

Wow, it's hard to believe we already have a HDMI killer in our hands. A fairly new technology called HDBaseT created by the HDBaseT Alliance, based on Cat5e/6, has just finalized its 1.0 spec to deliver a one cable solution for transmission of audio/video (in full 1080p @ 10.2Gbps - can scale to 20Gbps), networking [...]

WHDI 2.0 to Support All 3D Modes Required by HDMI 1.4a

Lookie here. The folks behind the Wireless Home Digital Interface (WHDI) will be adding full HDMI 1.4a support for 3D by Q2 2011 — mind you... that's all three variations of 3D supported by the specification. In addition, WHDI 2.0 will offer support for the next-gen 2kx4K (4,096 x 2,160 pixels) HD format, Wi-Fi channel [...]

Xtreamer HDD Media Player / Streamer Hits the Scene

We just got tipped off about the launch of Xtreamer. A new HDD Media Player / Streamer that's ready to compete with the big boys — and apparently tops them all according to product comparisons with WDTV, Tvix, Popcorn Hour, and Mvix. Product highlights include: built-in UPnP server and client functionality, 1080p HDMI 1.3a spec [...]

Linux Gets HDMI Sound Pass Through Support via ALSA and Kernel 2.6.27-x

Terrific news for our Linux HTPC enthusiasts. ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) version 1.0.19 has added 1000 new features including support for HDMI audio pass through via kernel 2.67.27-x. Previously getting audio through HDMI had been a bit of a chore. Now, hopefully, we'll see a new surge in custom Linux HTPC builds and [...]

Mvix Unveils the MvixPVR with iPod Docking Support

I just got tipped off that Mvix has a new product set to release that not many people in the States are aware of. The device is called the MvixPVR and it essentially combines a PVR, HDD media player, and an iPod dock all into one device. The MvixPVR is capable of outputting 720p/1080i/1080p video [...]

IOGEAR Expands A/V Product Family to Transform Home Entertainment and Simplify Digital Signage Implementation

IOGEAR today announced four A/V connectivity solutions for the home and office that simplify consumers' and professionals' ability to enjoy a variety of modern multimedia devices. Users can now add multiple HDMI inputs to an HDTV and broadcast media an additional 200 feet away from its source. Ideal for professionals in need of simple digital signage [...]