New AVA Media NVT Windows Media Center Add-in Transcodes WHS Stored DVD Rips to Popular Formats Automatically

The folks at Tranquil PC have just introduced a new, FREE Windows Media Center Add-in called AVA Media NVT which does something brilliant. You know how typical Home Servers are usually underpowered for doing any kind of DVD rip transcoding? Well, Tranquil PC figures that if your HTPC has the processing power to handle HD [...]

Automate HandBrake DVD Rips Using AutoBrake

Ever wish backing up DVDs to your PC were as easy as placing a disc in the drive and then having a program auto-rip the content with your preferred video presets already in place? Well, now you can with a nifty little app called AutoBrake — which (as the name implies) leverages the popular HandBrake [...]