600 Google Zeitgeist Attendees Were Gifted with Google TV Today

Wow, just like the lucky Android devs who received FREE HTC EVO handsets before their public release for app development, Google Zeitgeist 2010 attendees, according to AllThingsD, just received a "personal geek" package under their seats — Oprah style — of 6 months of DISH Network service, a Sony BRAVIA HDTV with Google TV, and [...]

Google Targeting Chrome OS to Netbooks Only – Expect a Big Showing at CES 2011

TechRadar is reporting that Google's Chrome OS (based on Chromium OS), according to a Google senior product manager for the project, will only be targeted to netbooks at this time — even though the OS supports touch capabilities. It makes sense, if you think about it. The tablet, as of late, has gained success as [...]

Google TV Platform to Include Voice Control

This is a bit of a teaser.... The WSJ is reporting that Google TV will include voice control courtesy of Google's speech recognition technology — the same that powers Android on handsets. No word on how far the integration will go, but a Google product manager says one will be able to change channels just [...]

Logitech Revue Beta Tester Shows Off Google TV UI, Highlights ‘Movies’ Function and Keyboard

You've got see this video attached below. It basically shows why Google TV's data rich backend, which syncs with your TV provider's service, trumps anything the competition hopes to deliver. In fact, seeing the What's On TV > Movies category operating in real-time reminds me a bit of online trading tools that show you streaming [...]

Rumor: YouTube Premium Movie Offering in the Works

The Financial Times is reporting that Google is schmoozing leading Hollywood studios to build out a premium pay-per-view movie service on YouTube, with titles being available the same day and date DVDs are released. The new service is planned to possibly launch as early as this year and will provide new releases for around five [...]

Google TV Wants to Become THE TV Set-top Box by Leveraging AllVid

One of the big hurdles with current TV services, at least in Google's eyes presently, is that it's near impossible to gain access to a provider's on-demand catalog, as well as integrate Internet content. EPG data on the other hand, not so much. Being the case, Google is encouraging the FCC to put its support [...]

YouTube Leanback Now Available for Big Screen Consumption

We all got a sneak peek of YouTube Leanback at Google I/O earlier this year, if you remember, during the Google TV unveiling. Now, YouTube has officially launched the service to the public for use on large screen computer displays and HDTVs. The one odd thing people will notice right off the bat is that YouTube [...]

Logitech’s Google TV Companion Box Will Now Be Known As: Logitech Revue

Logitech has posted a blog entry announcing the official name for their Google TV companion box. From henceforth it shall be known as the Logitech Revue with Google TV. The funny thing is... Logitech considered naming it the Harmony Box, Squeezebox TV, and even the Logitech TV Hub. Logitech chose Revue because it fit the [...]