See Android’s Honeycomb Tablet OS in Action

OK, you've seen the Honeycomb promo video, as well as the upcoming dual-core 1GHz Tegra 2 powered Motorola XOOM tablet. Now, have a look at this hands-on demo of XOOM running Honeycomb live at today's Google event (full video below). Personally, I think the UI looks grown-up and more advanced compared to what iOS currently [...]

Google Acquires Fflick, Plans to Add a Social Discovery Component to YouTube

YouTube is confirming on their blog that Google has acquired the Fflick social movie service. The $10 million purchase, according to TechCrunch, will eventually give YouTube a new social discovery component to the service which will crawl popular social networks to glean popular videos shared amongst friends and the web in general. Previously, Fflick crawled Twitter's public timeline to [...]

Will Apple’s Second Generation iPad Match or Exceed Motorola’s XOOM $699 Price Tag?

Word is Motorola's XOOM tablet will retail for $699 at Best Buy, or $200 more than the entry-level, first generation iPad. The news, obviously, has got a lot a people buzzing — most thinking Motorola is nuts for not offering it anywhere near $499. But the pricing details got me thinking about something entirely different. [...]

Motorola Teases Honeycomb-based Android Tablet for CES 2011, Mocks iPad and GALAXY Tab in the Process

This is a gutsy move! Motorola obviously feels confident that its partnership with Google will produce the most advanced tablet to hit the market in 2011. We saw an early glimpse of the device at D: Dive into Mobile, courtesy of Andy Rubin's demo (shown above). So far we know the device is based on [...]

Tablet Version of Android Most Likely Launching with Honeycomb Release in 2011

Monday night, Google's Andy Rubin, demonstrated a prototype Android tablet to the D: Dive Into Mobile audience. As you can see in the video below, the tablet version of Android (Honeycomb build) is drastically different than the mobile version we're accustomed to. It's much more tablet-friendly you can say... sporting larger icons, a tablet optimized [...]

Could Logitech Be Working on the Ultimate Smart TV Sneak Attack?

I was just thinking about the last couples days' news regarding Google TV. We know the Logitech Revue works exclusively, at least for a short period of time, with DISH Network's TV / DVR service. And we also learned that Sony's Google TV-powered HDTVs will have "direct integration with select [TV] service providers" (keywords being [...]

Google Refreshes Its Google TV Page – Now More Attractive and Informative

Still on the fence about Google TV or just aren't aware of it yet? Make you way over to The company has refreshed its product page with a completely new, professional looking layout that screams to be taken seriously — unlike the page's previous quick summary and YouTube video animation. Besides the overview of [...]

‘Real’ Android Tablets by Q1 2011?

Digitimes reports HTC will unveil an Android 3.0-based tablet in Q1 2011 and leverage its current relationships with mobile carriers to push the product. We've heard that either Android "Gingerbread" (v3.0) or "Honeycomb" (v3.1/2) will premier the first official tablet specific release of Android (with its own tablet apps available in the Market), so this [...]