Logitech Revue with Google TV Reduced to $99

Wow, talk about a steep fall. Logitech has taken a hit financially the past couple quarters and have seen fit to reduce the price of their Logitech Revue with Google TV from $249 when it launched to $99. "The action was taken with the goal of accelerating adoption of the Google TV platform by removing price as [...]

Nielsen Survey Reveals How People Prefer to Use Hulu vs. Netflix

Kudos to Nielsen. The company has conducted a survey which reveals how people actually use Hulu and Netflix. Not surprisingly, people like watching TV shows on Hulu (73%) and movies primarily via Netflix (53%), which makes sense since Hulu is made up of TV network content (well, at least a majority of it is) and Netflix [...]

What the…? Google Just Acquired SageTV

With little more than a brief note on its homepage (and a tweet), SageTV is announcing that the software company has just been taken under Google's wing. It's unclear what Google plans to do with the company, but it's not a stretch to think that the Google TV team has its eyes on SageTV's DVR, [...]

Logitech Revue with Google TV Now $199.99

It's official! Logitech has just reduced the price of their Google TV box, the Logitech Revue, to $199.99 ($100 off the original MSRP). So far the device hasn't been a big hit with the masses, but with this relatively attractive price point things might change. Also, according to the Google TV session we saw at [...]

New Google TV Details Emerge, Plus Screenshots of the New Honeycomb UI

The Google TV developer session at Google I/O just wrapped up and revealed some interesting tidbits. First off we've got a couple of screenshots of the new Google TV with Honeycomb UI we'll see this Summer. As you can see, it's a drastic departure from the v1 release. Google TV will also gain support for [...]

EPIX Lands on Google TV, Apps for Smartphones, Tablets, and Smart TVs on the Way

EPIX is out with big news. The company has just rolled out a new Google TV app [DEMO] and Verizon FiOS TV integration. The offering will give users access to 3,000 EPIX movie and original programming titles from partners Viacom, Paramount Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, and Lionsgate. In addition, EPIX has, or is working on, apps [...]

Kogan Agora Internet TV Portal Player Brings Android to Your HDTV

We showed you yesterday Geniatech’s ARM9-based Android TV that's currently being developed in China. Well, it turns out an Australian company called Kogan has just put a similar Android TV box on the market. The ~$149 Agora Internet TV Portal runs Android 2.2 and provides a 1GHz Cortex A8 processor from Samsung, 512MB of RAM, 2GB [...]

Geniatech’s Android TV Previews What Your Next ARM-based Google TV or XBMC Device May Look Like

Roving video reporter, Charbax, is in Shenzhen China covering an electronics fair where he came across a new ARM9 / Android-powered TV adapter by a company called Geniatech. The device sells for $70 in bulk and runs a modified version of Android 2.2. Android TV is capable of launching all the games and apps you would [...]