New Google TV Details Emerge, Plus Screenshots of the New Honeycomb UI

The Google TV developer session at Google I/O just wrapped up and revealed some interesting tidbits. First off we've got a couple of screenshots of the new Google TV with Honeycomb UI we'll see this Summer. As you can see, it's a drastic departure from the v1 release. Google TV will also gain support for [...]

Chromebox Could be the Ultimate Family Computer

Earlier today Google I/O attendees got a sneak peek of a new Chrome OS product for home and office dubbed the Chromebox. At first glance one doesn't know what to make of the Samsung produced device. Chrome OS currently is already a bit of challenge for people to wrap their heads around, if they're stuck [...]

Netflix FINALLY Coming to Linux and Chrome OS

Reports are coming in that Google and Netflix will soon be announcing the availability of a Chrome Web Store App or Extension that will enable Chrome OS and other Linux-based distros running Chrome/ium to access Netflix's streaming movie and TV show catalog without the need for Microsoft's Silverlight plugin. According to a post on the [...]

Android Dips Its Toes in Home Automation with @Home, Will Have App Market Support for Google TV by Summer

This morning was day one of Google I/O 2011. Lots of great new technologies and platform advancements were revealed today, but the three our readers will be interested in is Android Accessories, Android @Home, and Project Tungsten. Oh, and I guess Android Market: Movies (compatible across phones and tablets), which provides the ability to stream [...]