The Reason Google TV Can’t Spoof Its Useragent to Access Sites Like Hulu (At Least Right Now)

After reading the news this morning that more premium sites have started blocking access to Google TV, I wanted to find what was going on. I decided to see what the folks where saying on the original post that broke the news about Google TV's built-in useragent switcher that would allow users to spoof which [...]

Get Ready for Google Chrome OS

Google has just announced its plans to evolve the traditional computer OS into a sophisticated platform where all data is saved in the cloud (accessible from anywhere and on any computer), web apps provide the vehicle for productivity, and security vulnerabilities and software upgrades will become a non-issue. According to the Official Google Blog, Google [...]

Google Gears Adds Capability to Inform Websites Where You’re Surfing From

Google is announcing that the company is now embedding its geolocation technology into Google Gears, Chrome and the Android platform. The new Gears Geolocation API, which the company says is targeting Wi-Fi laptops, is designed so developers can determine where a user is located within a 200 meter range and provide relevant information like... where [...]