Google Targeting Chrome OS to Netbooks Only – Expect a Big Showing at CES 2011

TechRadar is reporting that Google's Chrome OS (based on Chromium OS), according to a Google senior product manager for the project, will only be targeted to netbooks at this time — even though the OS supports touch capabilities. It makes sense, if you think about it. The tablet, as of late, has gained success as [...]

Concept Chrome OS Tablet UI Mockups Provide a Window to the Future

It appears that Chromium OS developers have begun laying the groundwork on a custom Tablet UI layer for Chrome OS. While things are just in the "visual exploration" phase, the mockups  give us a sneak peek at what a future Google Tablet may look like — and I've got say... it looks pretty darn cool. In [...]

Get Ready for Google Chrome OS

Google has just announced its plans to evolve the traditional computer OS into a sophisticated platform where all data is saved in the cloud (accessible from anywhere and on any computer), web apps provide the vehicle for productivity, and security vulnerabilities and software upgrades will become a non-issue. According to the Official Google Blog, Google [...]