Survey Finds Only 25% Are Interested in Friends’ TV Viewing Behavior via Social Networks

We've got an interesting follow up to our Social TV discussion yesterday. SideReel, a TV watcher community with 10 million monthly unique visitors, has just released the results of their online survey [PR] (sample size: 1,800+). In a nutshell, SideReel found that "Social Media is important, but only for 25 percent of online TV watchers." And [...]

The Emergence of Social TV via ‘Check-in’ – The Good and Bad

No one is quite sure what the next step for TV and the Internet is going to be. Some, like Google, think it will be by bringing the Web through the actual TV, while others like GetGlue, HotPotato, Kickfour, Tunerfish, Miso and Philo, believe we'll use our 'net-connected portable devices to interact with friends while watching [...]