Grid10 by Fusion Garage Unveiled; It’s Metro-futuristic!

Tired of the same old, same old? Fusion Garage thinks you'll like their new Grid10 tablet. A tablet based on the company's new GridOS for mobile devices. If you're familiar with Windows Phone 7 (or Windows 8), you may notice a slight resemblance to its Metro / Mosaic interface. An interface that's designed on a grid system. However, [...]

What’s Grid 10 from Fusion Garage?

For everyone who thought Fusion Garage was dead after their JooJoo bomb, it's not. The company is prepping the release of a new tablet tentatively called Grid 10. How do we know this? Thanks to the FCC and site's like Liliputing and This Is My Next. It's unclear what OS this device will run, but [...]

Fusion Garage Open to Letting Owners Hack Their JooJoo Tablet

This is a positive sign. The Inquirer is reporting that Fusion Garage will enable JooJoo's USB port to recognize a memory stick, external drive, or 3G dongle. The update will be pushed to customers with the next OS update (approximately in 30 days). Previously, the USB port was configured exclusively for charging the device's battery. [...]

JooJoo Fails to Impress in Its First In-Depth Review

Engadget has posted a detailed review of the infamous JooJoo Internet Tablet by Fusion Garage. Unfortunately, for anyone interested in the device, it turns out its in-house created OS lacks the polish and stability folks were hoping for. In fact, the list of gripes — most of which can be fixed with future software updates [...]

The JooJoo Is a Go Go

Today Fusion Garage is announcing that their Intel Atom N270 / NVIDIA ION powered JooJoo Internet Tablet has begun shipping to pre-order customers and that it can be purchased for $499 through the company's online store. As their press release states, the devices boasts the largest capacitive touchscreen on the market at 12.1 inches, it [...]

JooJoo Internet Tablet by Fusion Garage to Premiere on December 11, 2009

Fusion Garage, who hosted a press event this morning, announced the future release of the JooJoo internet tablet — formerly known as the CrunchPad. JooJoo will sell for $499 and begin shipping in the next eight to ten weeks (JooJoo, by the way, is spin-off the African word "joujou," which means magical device.). Highlights of [...]

The CrunchPad Internet Tablet Pronounced Dead after a Falling Out

Terrible news today. Michael Arrington posted on TechCrunch that the CrunchPad Internet Tablet is DEAD. The product's demise is due to a falling out over IP rights and equity stakes with their hardware development partner, Fusion Garage. It's all a big shame, really, since the CrunchPad, we're now learning had a 12-inch capacitive touchscreen and [...]