Apple May Have Blown It When It Decided to Discontinue TV Show Rentals via iTunes

After reading the news that Apple decided to "pull the plug" on TV show rentals in iTunes, it left me wondering if this was a brilliant or dumb move on Apple's part. You can say that Apple made a smart move financially by dropping the low margin 99¢ TV show rental offerings that, apparently, people [...]

ABC to Follow FOX and Delay Web Access to Newly Aired TV Shows (Do You Care?)

ABC's CEO Bob Iger just told investors that the company will soon be rolling out their own authentication scheme that will delay recently aired TV shows by 8-days to the public, but not to partner cable subscribers. This is a move similar to what FOX implemented on August 15th, but Iger spells the reason out as [...]

Access to ‘Next-day’ FOX TV Shows Online Will Require Authentication Starting August 15, 2011

It seems to some out there the sky is falling. FOX has just announced that they will require users on to provide their current cable/satellite TV subscription service details in order to watch new episodes online the next day (Hulu Plus subscribers will be extended the same courtesy). However, non-subscribers will continue to have [...]