Sneak Peek: Roku 2 Series Players

Looks like the FCC outed Roku's 2011 product refresh. The company's new 3000X (XS), 3050X (XD), and 3100X (HD) Roku 2 Players boast a new design that rivals Apple's latest Apple TV in its compactness. Unlike the Apple TV, though, Roku's new 2 series players are quite capable, offering up to 1080p video via HDMI, [...]

Verizon Tells the FCC to Shove It – Believes the FCC Is Overstepping Its Authority with Its Quest for ‘Net Neutality’

Verizon is taking a big step today by filing an appeal against the FCC's self-imposed powers to regulate the Internet, a duty not granted by Congress. Verizon's press release attached below is pretty self explanatory, claiming that the FCC is overstepping its authority and is actually hurting openness and innovation on the Internet with its new [...]

Higher Prices for Services Like Hulu Plus, Netflix, VUDU Most Likely Coming Due to FCC’s Net Neutrality Regulation

Today the FCC voted 3-2 for "net neutrality" regulation that will allow broadband providers to charge alleged bandwidth hogging services a toll to run through their pipes. The neutrality bit comes from the fact that consumers won't be forced into paying for a "faster, less congested highway" and won't be blocked from accessing websites of their choosing (kind [...]

Annoyingly Loud TV Commercials Are Steps Away from Being Outlawed

Good news! The US Senate has passed the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act (aka CALM). The bill now goes back to the House, who previously gave it the green light, for final approval and then to the president's desk for signing. I for one am looking forward to this. The new law would put the [...]

Google TV Wants to Become THE TV Set-top Box by Leveraging AllVid

One of the big hurdles with current TV services, at least in Google's eyes presently, is that it's near impossible to gain access to a provider's on-demand catalog, as well as integrate Internet content. EPG data on the other hand, not so much. Being the case, Google is encouraging the FCC to put its support [...]

Sean Alexander Takes a Stab at What Needs to Be Done to Fix CableCARD

If you've been following Windows Media Center development for any length time, you're familiar with the hurdles and pains of getting CableCARD support on a PC. It wasn't that long ago that CableLabs was the only organization that could certify and license a PC maker's CableCARD-ready PC for sale — and might I add... at [...]

Intel Asks FCC to Require Ethernet Ports on Set-Tops

I think this is interesting, but perhaps unnecessary. From what I can tell, the large majority of new designs for set-tops have some form of IP connectivity. Certainly, as this Ars article mentions, moves by CableLabs to approve DTCP over IP have paved the way for carriers (in the US at least) to potentially feel [...]