Clicker Unveils Clicker Predict and Leverages Facebook for Video Recommendations

Clicker has just taken the wraps off a new recommendation engine they call Clicker Predict. The algorithm checks 50 user behavior signals to determines which undiscovered content to present to you. In addition, Clicker has tapped Facebook to help it find even more recommendations by sifting through public data posted by yourself and your friends. [...]

WD TV Live Media Players Gain Facebook, Blockbuster OnDemand, and USB Wireless Keyboard Support

Looks like the guys at Western Digital haven't been shaken by the likes of Apple TV, Boxee Box, Google TV, and others. The company is rolling out a new WD TV Live / Plus / Hub update that brings users the ability to upload photos and video to their Facebook account, share their status, and [...]

Is Interest in Social TV Apps Age and Platform Relevant?

Our friends at App Market TV have posted an op/ed about the generational disconnect around Social TV — noting that the main push currently by TV manufactures at IBC 2010 is 3D TV. However, they point to the fact that 76% of 18 to 24-year-olds like to surf the 'net and check in on their [...]

76% of 18 to 24-year-olds Browse the Internet While Watching TV

Social Media PR agency, Diffusion, conducted a survey of 2,086 people, ages 18-55, for YouGov's Social TV trends report and found that nearly 76% of 18 to 24-year-olds like browsing the web and doing stuff online while watching TV (percentage for the entire survey group: 58%). Many of them, according to the report, want to vote [...]

TV Guide’s New iPad App Brings What You’d Expect, Plus Social TV Features

Earlier this week TV Guide announced their first, new iPad app. Features include: TV show listings, breaking news, scoops, show recaps, a hot list of what to watch, and sponsored full-length episodes. Basically, what you'd expect from a TV Guide produced app. However, what was a bit unexpected is that they're also dipping their toes [...]

Tunerfish – A Work-in-Progress with Potential for Social TV

No doubt about it... TV is becoming social. Below is an interview with Tunerfish lead, John McCrea (former Plaxo VP of Marketing). A must-see in my humble opinion. McCrea describes what Tunerfish is all about — currently in private beta — and how he sees TV and the Web merging. In a nutshell, Tunerfish is [...]

Mojito Social Network Dashboard / Web Aggregator Wi-Fi Display

It looks like Chumby and Sony's dash will have some new competition soon. Bluelounge is getting set to launch a new device targeted to people who enjoy being in and reading content from social networks like Twitter and Facebook. But Mojito's capabilities don't end there. Mojito can pull in content from website RSS feeds, display [...]

Fonera 2.0n Router / NAS / Media Server

It's been a while since we've talked about FON and its Fonera routers. Luckily, a couple of recent video clips of the Fonera 2.0n in action has prompted me to revisit the current offering. For those unfamiliar, the FON Wi-Fi network consists of routers purchased by users like me an you who share their broadband connection [...]