Nielsen Finds ‘Tablets are TV Buddies while eReaders Make Great Bedfellows’

Deciding between an eReader and a tablet is a tough decision for most folks. Tablets provide all the functionality of an eReader through an app, while eReaders by design provide a more soothing reading experience for the eyes — not to mention they're a whole lot cheaper and less energy demanding. So, if you're still [...]

B&N’s NOOK Color Now Has Apps!

Barnes & Noble just announced a new software update to the NOOK Color that brings Android Froyo, NOOK Apps (aka B&N's App Marketplace), and Adobe Flash support. In other words, the NOOK Color is a full-fledge $249 Android tablet of the pre-Honeycomb kind. Personally, I've always thought the NOOK Color looked great and was priced [...]