EPIX Lands on Google TV, Apps for Smartphones, Tablets, and Smart TVs on the Way

EPIX is out with big news. The company has just rolled out a new Google TV app [DEMO] and Verizon FiOS TV integration. The offering will give users access to 3,000 EPIX movie and original programming titles from partners Viacom, Paramount Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, and Lionsgate. In addition, EPIX has, or is working on, apps [...]

EPIX Demos Future TV App at NATPE 2011

We saw Comcast and Time Warner Cable's TV apps at CES, which brings users live and on-demand programming without a set-top box via IP. Now, EPIX is demonstrating their TV app at NATPE that will bring all the functionality of EpixHD.com to users Connected TVs. The TV app, according to EPIX's chief digital officer, provides [...]

Netflix Partners with EPIX to Offer Members New Movie Releases for Instant Streaming

Here's an interesting development. Netflix has partnered with EPIX and its backers — Paramount, Lionsgate and MGM. The "multi-year" deal, starting September 1st, will bring new movie releases from those studios to Netflix members 90-days from a movie's debut on Pay TV and subscription on demand (or another way to look at it... 90-days after [...]

EPIX Multi-platform Movie Service Proving to Be a Successful Offering

In a recent nationwide survey, EPIX found that a majority of subscribers (59%) make use of EPIX's linear television, on-demand, and online platforms to satisfy their movie watching needs. Interestingly, on-demand was the most popular method of watching movies at 43%, followed by linear-television at 39%, and online at just 19%. You would think online [...]

Lionsgate, Paramount, MGM Partner to Launch Epix TV & Online HD Movie Service

Wow, this is wild. It appears that Lionsgate, Paramount, and MGM have partnered to create a new premium TV movie channel called Epix. The channel will feature all the latest movies (even ones that aren't out on DVD yet) from the participating studios. What's more, subscribers, those lucky enough to get the channel through their [...]