UPDATED: Xbox 360 Kinect Hand Gesture Media Controls, Voice Control, TV Video Chat

You may have heard the news this morning that Microsoft has a unveiled a new gaming controller on the eve of the E3 expo called Kinect (previously known as Project Natal - event highlights). The new controller tracks the movement of a player(s) via the use of cameras on a TV webcam-like device. It's pretty ingenious [...]

Rumor: Microsoft to Debut Hulu Xbox 360 Support at E3 2010

Here's a rumor a lot of people will be keeping their fingers crossed will come true. According to Gear Live, who heard it from a "reliable source (who has never been wrong before)," Microsoft will unveil Hulu as a Xbox LIVE service at E3 (June 15-17). Hulu will supposedly be available through the dashboard and [...]