RCN and TiVo’s new Home Solution

The Washington D.C. area has been selected for the initial rollout by RCN Telecom Services of the Whole Home Bundle by TiVo. It's being pushed as the 'whole home solution' and the monthly package delivers the four tuner Premiere Q and a Preview Extender. At the moment you won't get features like pausing live TV, but [...]

SageTV Front-end App Coming Soon to Boxee

I guess that's one way of adding DVR functionality to the Boxee Box! A group of unaffiliated SageTV developers are reportedly testing a front-end app for Boxee that will pull in recorded and live TV content from your TV-tuner equipped SageTV Windows, Mac, or Linux PC. Obviously, this is good news for those who previously purchased a copy [...]

PlayOn Intros a DVR App for Online Video Called PlayLater

Got a Windows a PC with PlayOn already installed and a desire to have all your favorite online TV shows and movies queued and ready for viewing in Windows Media Player? Check out PlayOn's new PlayLater application that does just that. As you can see in the few screenshots available in the product guide [PDF], [...]

MP3.com Founder Launching DAR.fm, a DVR-like Service for Internet Radio

Michael Robertson, the founder and former CEO of MP3.com, announced yesterday at the Launch Conference that his next project will be a DVR-like service for Internet Radio called DAR.fm, which stands for Digital Audio Recorder. According to Robertson, the service provides a searchable list of talk and music stations that one selects to record (now [...]

7 Out of 10 People Who Own a DVR Say They Can’t Live Without It According to NDS Survey

More than 70% of DVR owners say that they cannot live without their DVR, according to a new survey commissioned by NDS, [...]