How-To: Create Unencrypted Disc images of Your DVD Movies

This quick guide (geared more towards Linux users) leverages two free open-source command line tools that will rip the contents of your DVD movie to your hard drive, unencrypt the files in processes, and then creates an ISO disc image that you can use for playback on your PC or digital media adapter (if it [...]

Automate HandBrake DVD Rips Using AutoBrake

Ever wish backing up DVDs to your PC were as easy as placing a disc in the drive and then having a program auto-rip the content with your preferred video presets already in place? Well, now you can with a nifty little app called AutoBrake — which (as the name implies) leverages the popular HandBrake [...]

KavaSoft Adds Movie Import Wizard to KavaMovies 1.2

I'm sure there were a few of you out there who were digging the Movieplex DVD movie manager we covered last week for Mac OS X. Well guys... KavaMovies ($35) is another worthy competitor to look at. As of version 1.2, KavaMovies now includes a wizard that lets users import movies from their “Movies folder, [...]

Manage Your Ripped DVD Collection with Multiplex on Mac OS X

Sure there are plenty of people out there who have a large collection of ripped DVD movies stored on their computers, but how many of those are leveraging a movie manager like Multiplex that lets them search their library, attaches movie metadata, provides high-resolution cover art, and wraps it in a mac-inspired management interface? I'd [...]

My Movies for Windows Home Server Adds FLAC Support and Media Center Extender Compatible DVD Rips

The title pretty much says it all. So, Brian Binnerup has been busy adding new features and squashing bugs on his road to the official, non-beta release of My Movies for Windows Home Server. The two stand-out features in v1.02 users now get to play with is support for FLAC lossless audio CD rips and [...]

The End for RealDVD Appears to Be Near is reporting that federal judge, Marilyn Hall Patel, has decided to place an indefinite ban on Real Networks' RealDVD software which the MPAA claims violates the DMCA — even though Real defends that its software in no way circumvents DVD encrpytion and in fact makes a bit for bit digital copy of the contents [...]

My Movies for Windows Home Server Coming Soon

Ian Dixon at teased readers over the weekend by posting screenshots of the unannounced My Movies add-in for Windows Home Server (My Movies was originally designed for Windows MCE 2005 and now works with Vista). As of right now the add-in is not presently available, but we're learning that it will include a [...]

VidaBox Releases RoomClientHD Extender – Able to Stream Blu-ray Movies in Full 1080p

Here's another reason to look at VidaBox's line of Digital Home products when you're considering making your next purchase. The guys at VidaBox have custom built a mini, near silent extender client for their VidaBox Server called RoomClientHD. The funny thing is that it's really a mini Windows Vista PC running Home Premium. However, what's [...]