Redbox and Verizon Partner to Offer Internet Streaming

In an attempt to ensure that theay aren't lef tbehind in the digital content stakes  Redbox and Verizon are partnering up and hoping to steal a march on Netflix, the encumbent market leader for streaming video and DVDs.  Netflix offers both whereas Redbox only had DVDs that one has to drive to get.  So very [...]

The Movie ‘The Tunnel’ Will Be Distributed FREE via BitTorrent and for Purchase on DVD

This is a "disruptive" idea. The filmakers behind the upcoming Australian horror flick, The Tunnel, have somehow got their DVD distribution partner, Paramount Pictures, to allow the crew to simultaneously release their film FREE to the world via BitTorrent. The idea is to get the movie into as many people's hands as possible, build buzz, [...]

Redbox Renting Some DVDs on the Same Day of Their Release

Remember how Blockbuster likes to boast that they get DVDs 28 days before Netflix or Redbox? Well, that's not entirely accurate anymore (or never really was). I have a Redbox just down the street from me, which is convenient if I want to watch something relatively new on DVD or Blu-ray on the cheap. I noticed [...]

‘My Movies for iPad’ Gets a YouTube Demo by the Developer

Nothing showcases an app better than a video demo. Attached here is a video created by Brian Binnerup, the developer of My Movies for iPad [iTunes App Store]. He'll show you how you can use an iPad to control/serve multiple host PCs and media center extenders with DVD & Blu-ray movie content throughout the home [...]

Blockbuster Tests $2.99 Per Night New Movie Release Rentals at Kiosks

The timing on this story couldn't be any better. Over the weekend I wanted to rent a new movie release title for a get together. As such, I headed straight to Blockbuster to pick up the movie. The title cost me $4.99 to rent for 3 days, but then later I learned that there was [...]

Amazon Now Offering 10,000 Disc+ On Demand Movie Titles to Amazon DVD / Blu-ray Purchasers

It's apparent that Amazon wants to become your one-stop location for purchasing movie discs. The company is announcing that they have expanded their "Buy Now, Watch Now" Disc+ On Demand program to offer 10,000 movie titles ready for instant streaming at no charge, when you purchase a DVD or Blu-ray disc listed in the catalog. [...]

Public Libraries Loan Out More Movies Than Big Chain DVD Rental Services, according to a 2010 Report

This is kind of surprising. A recent report, dubbed How libraries stack up: 2010 [PDF], by OCLC found that U.S. public libraries loan out 2.1 million videos every day. In contrast, according to the Hartford Courant, Netflix ships around 2 million DVDs, Redbox 1.4 million, and Blockbuster 1.2 million. The rise in popularity of [...]

Auto Rip n Compress – Backup Your DVDs and Blu-ray Movies via Windows Media Center

I have a feeling Auto Rip n Compress is going to be everyone's next "must-have" add-in for Windows Media Center. The add-in allows you to easily rip DVD or Blu-ray movies from your couch using only your remote. Of course, you'll need to have some software pre-installed on your PC — like AnyDVD HD, Handbrake, [...]