UltraViolet Promises ‘Just Works’ Digital Access of Movies and TV Shows to Your Registered Devices

UltraViolet is a new service that all the major content publishers and distributors are championing as a way to provide purchasers of disc-based movies and TV shows access to digital copies that can be streamed or downloaded to their registered devices — up to 12 in total per piece of media (you can even grant access [...]

Sony Embraces Microsoft’s PlayReady DRM Solution

Sony has just announced that they're going with PlayReady to protect their content and provide users with new ways to enjoy their purchased and rented media. A quick look at Microsoft's PlayReady page shows that Sony can allow users to download movies and begin watching them instantly, stream media to devices around the home, and [...]

DECE ‘Buy Once, Play Anywhere’ Open Digital Format Announced

Today the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) announced an agreement with its members on an open specification for digital entertainment called the Common File Format. What's interesting here is that content providers just need to create three versions of a movie, for example, for distribution (i.e. portable, standard definition, and high definition) which then a [...]

Apple’s ‘Advertisement in OS’ Patent Shows Intent That Apple Wants a Captive Audience, Literally

The phrase, "Truth is stranger than fiction," I believe applies here. I don't think anyone saw this coming. Apple has filed for a patent (USPTO: 20090265214), which Steve Jobs has signed off on, that will enable its operating system on a variety of devices to display ads which users must act on to signal they've viewed [...]

Apple iTunes Goes DRM-Free, Activates Variable Pricing Model

Back in Janauary Phil Schiller announced in his keynote at Macworld Expo that Apple would soon be moving to a variable pricing model and provide their entire music collection to a DRM-Free, 256Kbps AAC music format. Well, today is the day that all of that has come to pass. Apple is now selling music on [...]

Macworld 2009: Apple DRM-Free iTunes Plus Library Expands

Big news today for music fans. Apple today announced that in April 2009 the iTunes Music Store will begin offering music for 69¢, 99¢, and $1.29 per individual track (most albums will still sell for $9.99). However, the bigger news in my opinion is that Apple is expanding their DRM-free iTunes Plus library (encoded at [...]

Yahoo! Music Closing Shop and Pulling DRM License Key Servers September 30, 2008

Bad news Yahoo! Music users (and an other example of why we and others have warned you that DRM sucks for your digital media archive). The service has begun sending out email messages notifying customers that the digital download music service will be discontinued and that the DRM license key servers that allow people to [...]

Rhapsody Launches “Music Without Limits” Initiative Across Web, Social Networks and Mobile

Rhapsody®, the leading digital music service from RealNetworks®, Inc. (Nasdaq RNWK) and MTV Networks, today launched its "Music Without Limits" initiative. This strategy is designed to turbocharge the digital music industry in three ways, by: Accelerating the move away from proprietary Digital Rights Formats by making music from all major labels available in the DRM-free and [...]